Tuesday 31 August 2010

Bank Holiday: Part Deux


Three ways to cure a Bank Holiday hangover:

1) Lots of blue sky and breakfast outside. Life savers include: cold water, babybels and green tea
2) Lots of fresh berries and yoghurt
3) Lots of sitting on the sofa and watching old episodes of friends

This weekend went by so fast I barely had time to blink. I honestly don't understand where the time went. Sitting at my desk at work this morning was utterly devastating. And I'm only half joking when I say that.

However, this weekend I wore over knee socks for the first time. So at least I achieved something. Again, only half joking when I say that. Getting my thighs out is still relatively new for me but I think over-stuffed-sausage-itis was avoided.

What did you get upto, my lovelies?