Wednesday 29 April 2009

A New York Tale: Part 1

Posing beast

So, there we were, 10am on a Monday about 3 weeks ago. I was nervous, excited and more than a little bit overwhelmed. New York! NEW YORK! It's a huge city and we were going to be there for 8 days. Two little English people with hopes and dreams and belief.

The journey out was relatively uneventful, except for the the unexpected joy of seeing two security guards at Schiphol Airport on segways! That quite literally made my day (it's the small things). The other highlight was this part of the safety guide on the aeroplane...

See? I said it was the small things.

Anyway, back to business. The flights out were perfect. Smoothest landings ever. Bizarre African food on the flight to JFK but plenty of free booze and we all know that that's all that matters. Even immigration was as easy as pie. We were off the plane, through immigration and had picked up our bags within 15 minutes. Perfect. A yellow taxi ride later and we got our first glimpse of that famous skyline. I think I speak for both of us when I say it was incredible! It took my breath away and continued to do so for the whole week. We got to the apartment at about 9pm and waited on the street to be let in. I should say at this point that the way we acquired our apartment for the week was a true internet triumph. The lovely Naomi from Rockstar Diaries was subletting her apartment for the month of April and we managed to snag ourselves a week! Blog power FTW.

So into the apartment we went, courtesy of one of Naomi's friends. It was a lovely little place. And by little I mean little. 440 square feet of pure Manhattan joy. It was absolutely perfect with a big American fridge stocked with water and chocolate. What more could one want after a 16 hour journey! It's a bit hazy due to tiredness but I think we literally crawled into bed as soon as we arrived before awakening at crazy o'clock (5am i think) to be completely overwhelmed by being in NYC!

The first morning was hilarious. We set off all excited in search of breakfast, only to find that nowhere was open. It was about 7am and we were in Harlem. An aborted attempt at grocery shopping later (we had the fear, ha!) and we were on our way to midtown. We walked the entire length of Central Park and it was incredible. C's obsession with the steam rising from the streets started there and then and continued unabated until he found the answer for it.

Our first Subway ride later (Hello Brooklyn, wasn't expecting to see you so soon) and we arrived at Battery Park. The one thing I really wanted to see while we were there was the Jewish Holocaust Museum and, as we were there over Passover, it was only open on our first day there. The subject matter was a little heavy for our first day but it was the most incredible museum I've ever been to and I'm so glad we managed to go. We followed that with a philly cheesesteak at Katz's Deli and a milkshake and a rootbeer float at a nearby diner. The first of many incredible meals.


We finished our first day in New York with dinner at Spice Market for C's birthday. This may make me sound incredibly girly and ridiculous but I felt just like I was in an episode of Sex and the City. The meal was the best I've ever had. By far. Vietnamese spring rolls and chicken wings with mango and lime to start, followed by short rib and noodles and crispy salt and pepper skate for main course. I can't even discuss how tender the meat was. The service was also impeccable and it was such a lovely evening.

To be continued...

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Forgive and forget?

I know, I know, I've been a neglectful witch lately...

I am here. Kind of. I have so much to write about. I want to write a massive post all about New York. All about the amazing things we saw and did, the wonderful food we ate, the ridiculously strong gin and tonics that we drank. The laughter, the fun, the fact that I'm so happy I got to go to New York with my best friend. The fact that I was lucky to be given a second chance. The fact that I didn't mean to blow it. That I didn't mean to let him down.

I made one mistake.

I've tried to apologise. I've tried to explain. I've tried to show that it wasn't all my fault. That it was just a reaction. That it was just one moment in time. All I need is a little bit of trust in me. A bit of leeway. Some belief that I'm a different person now and that, just because there's an argument or a disagreement, it doesn't mean that I'm the way I used to be. I know how hard I've worked to get through my issues and I freely admit that I'm not perfect, that I mess up from time to time. But who doesn't? Who doesn't ever say or do things that they instantly regret?

All anyone can ever do is apologise for what they've done and endeavour to never repeat the same mistake again. And, for my part, I will spend as long as it takes trying to regain the trust I worked so hard to gain in the first place. Because I do deserve it, despite everything. Because I am a good person. Please see the good in me?

"To err is human, to forgive is divine..."

Saturday 18 April 2009

NY lessons...

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Things I learnt in New York: Part 1...

  • I adore cupcakes. Particularly ones with ridiculously thick cream cheese frosting.
  • Walking 60 blocks may be nice at the time but will lead to temporary foot disability at a later date once coupled with walking EVERYWHERE for a week.
  • The New York subway is not that frightening but you will go wrong on it. Accept it and embrace it.
  • I am an excellent navigator and restaurant finder. Me FTW.
  • 440 square feet is not a lot for an apartment.
  • I am a friend of the burger. I already knew this. But I think I've developed an even stronger affinity with said meaty product.
  • I am old. I cannot handle a day of sightseeing followed by a night of clubbing. FAIL.
  • The British Pound is screwed.
  • I love Budweiser.

Much much more to come when I can type coherent sentences. Sigh...

Thursday 16 April 2009

Blue moon...

Today I feel blue...

There are a few reasons for this, such as post holiday blues, a lack of money and the fact I haven't managed to drag myself to the gym yet to try and combat holiday cupcakes and burgers. But the main reason? I've let down one of the people I care the most about in the whole world. And I've let myself down.

I try so hard to be the person I want to be and, most of the time, I am. In fact, I don't even need to try anymore. But there's this 2% of the time when I just really don't like myself and the things I do. The times are few and far between these days but sometimes I express myself in ways that I shouldn't. I just get so frustrated and sometimes I don't know how to deal with it. But, mark my words, it will never happen again. I can promise that. I will never let you down again.

I don't know what else to say but I'm sorry.

Ridiculously, deeply sorry from the bottom of my stupid heart.

Don't mind me. Normal service to be resumed shortly with the blog post to end all blog posts. My big fat NYC review.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

I heart NY

Back, I am...

Photos and a proper entry to follow when I'm not so jetlagged and once the post holiday blues have receded to a level that enables me to function properly.

Needless to say, it was incredible....

Sunday 5 April 2009

Take a bite...

Start spreading the news....

I'm leaving today tomorrow....

I want to be a part of it....

New York! New York!!!

My plans to lose 3 stone in weight before fleeing this country for America have not come to fruition. Namely because I only decided I wanted to lose three stone about a week ago. And the fact that we've been for approximately 4000 meals out this weekend. Ah well.

Packing is done. Visa waiver is completed. Flight times are checked. Insurance documents are printed. Mild panic has set in.

I think I'm all set....

Thursday 2 April 2009

Operate my crumpet

Operate this, bitch

I have but three nuggets of wisdom to impart today....

First things first, there are NO WORDS to describe how incredible Tina Turner was. The woman is 69. She performed for 2 and a half hours. She danced like a demon. She sang like I've never heard anyone sing before. And I've never seen someone work a stage quite like she did. She was utterly captivating and I couldn't stop smiling. Highlights included Proud Mary and Goldeneye but to be honest there wasn't a duff moment in the entire show (apart from 'Help' but that's only because of my Beatles hatred).

Secondly, I came across the best job title in the world today.... Crumpet Operative. How does one go about becoming one? Want.

Thirdly, I'm going to New York on Monday. Forgive me while I weep a little bit with excitement. And, by weep a little bit, I mean in all senses of the word. Nice.

And now I shall leave you with some of super close up shots of Tina. And when I say 'close up' I clearly mean '5 million miles away'. So far away in fact that she looks like a Minipop of herself. We actually had an amazing view though. Curse my rubbish camera phone. Curse it to hell.