Thursday 2 April 2009

Operate my crumpet

Operate this, bitch

I have but three nuggets of wisdom to impart today....

First things first, there are NO WORDS to describe how incredible Tina Turner was. The woman is 69. She performed for 2 and a half hours. She danced like a demon. She sang like I've never heard anyone sing before. And I've never seen someone work a stage quite like she did. She was utterly captivating and I couldn't stop smiling. Highlights included Proud Mary and Goldeneye but to be honest there wasn't a duff moment in the entire show (apart from 'Help' but that's only because of my Beatles hatred).

Secondly, I came across the best job title in the world today.... Crumpet Operative. How does one go about becoming one? Want.

Thirdly, I'm going to New York on Monday. Forgive me while I weep a little bit with excitement. And, by weep a little bit, I mean in all senses of the word. Nice.

And now I shall leave you with some of super close up shots of Tina. And when I say 'close up' I clearly mean '5 million miles away'. So far away in fact that she looks like a Minipop of herself. We actually had an amazing view though. Curse my rubbish camera phone. Curse it to hell.