Saturday 2 June 2012


Happy Jubilee weekend, everyone!

As usual, I have been horribly busy and, thus, horribly absent from here. I had a glorious weekend planned for The Soldier and I but, as so often happens with the best laid plans, it's not happening. The joys of a long distance relationship with a military man! And by "joys", i obviously mean "heartache." C'est la vie!

So, whilst I won't be doing anything particularly special this weekend now, I do have a few hastily made plans and will also be glued to the television coverage of the Jubilee celebrations. I know there are some who aren't particularly enjoying the bunting and the relentless "jubilification" of products such as Marmite (Ma'amite) and Kingsmill (Queensmill) but I bloody love it! I'm quite a patriotic person at heart and I do have a massive soft spot for the Queen. So good on her I say! If there's even the merest hint of a flypast I will be weeping. Fact. Let's not even discuss the tears that were shed last Saturday during the military parade.

With that in mind, last Sunday I treated my lovely Mum to the Royal Not Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nichols in Manchester and we had a glorious time. A "Gloriana" Cocktail, four little puddings and, the best bit, a lunchbox to take away, containing six Charbonnel dark chocolate cornflake cakes. Which I may or may not have eaten in one go. Ahem.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!