Monday 27 June 2011

In brief...



Food: Jerk chicken, rice and pea and dumplings. Pieminister. Nachos. Tartaflette.
Bands and assorted other entertainment: PULP. Beyonce. Wu Tang Clan. Tinie Tempah. Oh Land. Craig Charles. John Cooper Clarke. The Lancashire Hotpots. Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer.
Drink: Cider. Cider. Cider. Gin. Cider. Ice cold lemonade. Cider.
Laughs: Too numerous to mention.
Weather: Sun, rain, mist, sun, sun, SUN.

Incredible. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to sleep.

Photos: 1) The drink of choice; 2) Beyonce; 3) Full sun; 4) Obligatory flags; 5) Heaven; 6) Hell; 
7) The ever gorgeous Lisa and me; 8) Mandatory waterproofs; 9) The crowd at Pulp

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Outfit Post: Festival Strength

It's that time of year again!

Yes, Glastonbury Festival is here. I'll be setting off from Manchester at horrific o'clock tomorrow morning for the field of dreams in Somerset and I cannot wait. This will be my seventh Glastonbury and, if it's possible, I'm more excited this year than ever before. Which is probably because there isn't one next year and so this year must be EPIC. Oh yes.

The weather forecast isn't fantastic but, when you've got a pair of silver wellington boots, it lessens the fear of the rain slightly. I'm just praying there won't be a repeat of 2007 when the phrase "Mordor cometh!" was coined, due to the black clouds and general post apocalyptic nightmare that ensued as a result of five full days of rain. Watching Bill Bailey on the Sunday night in two feet of mud, with rain coming in horizontally, was not an experience I relished.

I went and got myself a little side fringe on Saturday and I'm loving it. In this photo you can also see the myriad of colours that my hair has become. Is it black? Is it brown? Is it red? THERE'S NO NEED TO DECIDE! (bonus points if you get the quote)

So, I obviously haven't managed to schedule any posts for while I'm away. I'm currently knee deep in DIY, ripping up carpets in readiness for new carpets being fitted on Thursday and painting skirting boards and the spare room. Oh, and I haven't actually packed for Glastonbury yet. PASS THE SEQUINS!

See you on the flip side, loves xx

Top & Socks - Topshop
Necklace - Lady Luck Rules OK
Shorts - H&M
Wellies - Hunter

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Glitter is a girl's best friend


Days at work are not very pleasant at the moment but, thanks to these amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes that Zalando sent me, I've got a little spring in my step from the moment I get home until I climb into bed. Why yes, I have been wearing them to water my plants, do the washing up and tidy my bedroom. A bit of sparkle makes housework much more fun. Trust me.

Tonight I made a potato, red onion, rosemary and goats cheese frittata. After putting away my Ocado shopping. And my Abel & Cole vegetables that arrived this morning. I have never felt more middle class in my whole life. Truly.

Anyway, back to the shoes. They are basically perfection. I haven't yet worn them out of the house as I'm slightly scared that the brutal Manchester rain might steal the sequins. Their day will come though, mark my words. Zalando offer free shipping on everything and this upsets and delights me in equal measure. Mainly due to the fact that their sterling selection of Jeffrey Campbells makes me fear for a) my bank balance and b) my storage space. I hadn't heard of Zalando before they contacted me but I can thoroughly recommend them. The ordering process was very easy and the delivery was ridiculously fast. A++ WOULD TRADE AGAIN.

*I was sent the shoes by Zalando but didn't received any monetary compensation for this post, just FYI.

Friday 10 June 2011

Five Things...

My new amazing Sugar & Vice necklace

1) I've got a new job. In Manchester city centre. Oh yes. I start on 4th July and I'm so excited I can barely contain it. Bye bye Warrington, hello spending endless amounts of money in the massive Arndale Topshop. I've been with my current firm for two and a half years and, while it's going to be incredibly hard to say goodbye to my friends here, I'm so ready for a new challenge.

2) In less than two weeks I will be in The Best Place On Earth (tm), aka Glastonbury Festival. Cider, pies, jerk chicken, sun (hopefully) and lots and lots of craziness. As there isn't one next year it has been decreed that this year's festival must be the ultimate lost weekend. I'm so excited I could pop. And probably will do, following excessive cider intake. Bliss.

3) I'm feeling happier and more positive than I have for weeks. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and realise exactly what you've got. I've spent so much of this year feeling bad about myself and questioning why I don't seem to be enough. You know what, I am enough. I'm more special than you'll ever know. I may be flawed but I am GLORIOUS. Swagger. Reinstated.

4) I'm completely in love with my house. In my yard I've got a hanging basket, some tomato, courgette and cucumber plants, a fuchsia in a pot and lots of herbs. Gardening is the new going out. Fact. I promise that there will be lots of house related posts in the near future, as it's finally getting into a state that is fit for photographs. FINALLY.

5) I started a Facebook page for Clear Your Heart. You can like it, if you like. I might eventually get around to putting some stuff up there one day.

Thursday 9 June 2011

What's in a sign?

Star signs. 

Love 'em or loathe 'em, everyone has an opinion on them.

Me? I'm a Scorpio. Obviously. Anyone who's ever spent more than about ten minutes in my company would be able to correctly identify my star sign, I have no doubt. I'm probably the truest of true Scorpios and, whilst in some ways I'm pretty happy about that, in other ways I really wish I wasn't.

So, my strengths are supposed to be that I'm loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, determined and dynamic. Oh, and absolutely CRACKING in bed, apparently.

And my weaknesses? I'm apparently jealous, obsessive, suspicious and possessive.

Oh, and i quote... "They are all about intensity and contradictions". HOLLA!

Basically then, a SODDING NIGHTMARE. Fun though. Always fun.

Famous Scorps include:

Henry Winkler (The Fonz. THE. FONZ)
Pablo Picasso
Sylvia Plath
Kurt Vonnegut
Marie Antoinette
David Schwimmer
P. Diddy (HELLS YES)

God, I love being a Scorpio. So, with that in mind, I'm going to get myself a little Scorpio tattoo. You've got to be true to your roots, haven't you? SCORP4LYFE. Now, who wants to buy me the Wildfox Scorpio t-shirt? Hmm?

Are you true to your star sign? Or a total anomaly?

Wednesday 8 June 2011

In Summary...

"He isn't worth it, at all. You know that", said the girl.

"I know he's not. I just wish he thought I was", came the reply.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Outfit Post: Dee-V-ate


Yes, yes, I'm back. Legs out and everything. I was contacted by those lovely folks over at Very and asked if I'd like to review a piece from the new Dee-V by Diana Vickers collection. Now, if you know me, you'll know I was never a massive fan of the frog-throated warbler. Just WEAR SHOES, god dammit. However, when I looked at the collection, I have to admit I may have done a little squeal. Sequins, nice prints and prom dresses. It was hard to choose but in the end I plumped for the contrast collar dress.

It's basically AMAZING. It fits really nicely and, although £49 is fairly steep, I do actually think it's worth it as the material is lovely and it goes with everything. I've worn it with heels for work, with flats for a night out and now with leopard print converse and sparkly legwarmers. Versatility maximus.

It wouldn't be an outfit post without me making some sort of ridiculous face, would it? I'd hate to let you down so here's one of me making an expression that was suppposed to represent my necklace. Except I just look like I've swallowed a fly. Oh, and ignore the hair in that last photograph. I may have had a foot cut off it but it still gets EVERYWHERE. To be honest, I'm continually surprised that I'm not bald, with the amount of hair that I seem to lose every day.

Ooh, one last thing! I've been featured over on StyleClone. Be sure to check it out! Should you want to steal my dubious "style", which I'm sure you don't.

Dress - Dee-V c/o Very
Cardigan - H&M
Necklace - Swank
Legwarmers - c/o Tabio
Shoes - Converse
Face - A hellish week at work, thus far

PS: Soz about the post title. Basically hate myself for it.

Friday 3 June 2011

Boyz there, how many?

The Accountant... showed me that all the diamonds in the world can't make me love someone.

The Drummer... was my first love. Beer filled nights, peach satin sheets and piercings. He taught me that it is possible to love someone more than you love yourself. Even if that love is teenage, all-consuming and fleeting. And partially just because he's everything your parents don't like.

The IT Student... showed me true romance. 100 red roses, a 300 mile drive through the night just to make me smile, chips on the beach. But also the most heart wrenching break up in living memory.

The 18 Year Old... taught the 21 year old me about longevity and never giving up hope. Three years and more happy times than I can count. Death metal, lip piercing and the sweetest nature. I could not say a bad word about him.

The Teacher... taught me that, sometimes, love is destructive. It hurts. Love can turn to hate so quickly and, sometimes, things can get more messed up than you ever imagined. 18 months that took exactly 18 months to get over. I no longer look back, in anger or otherwise.

And then there was The Little One... a connection when I least expected it. The kind that blindsides you on a grey Sunday afternoon in January. Feelings of hope and excitement, and even trust, that you thought were lost forever. The sheer ohmygodIcannotstopkissingyou that makes you feel like a teenager again. Laughter, late nights and chemistry. No regrets. Ever.

And now? There is me. Just me.

And that's all I need.