Tuesday 21 June 2011

Outfit Post: Festival Strength

It's that time of year again!

Yes, Glastonbury Festival is here. I'll be setting off from Manchester at horrific o'clock tomorrow morning for the field of dreams in Somerset and I cannot wait. This will be my seventh Glastonbury and, if it's possible, I'm more excited this year than ever before. Which is probably because there isn't one next year and so this year must be EPIC. Oh yes.

The weather forecast isn't fantastic but, when you've got a pair of silver wellington boots, it lessens the fear of the rain slightly. I'm just praying there won't be a repeat of 2007 when the phrase "Mordor cometh!" was coined, due to the black clouds and general post apocalyptic nightmare that ensued as a result of five full days of rain. Watching Bill Bailey on the Sunday night in two feet of mud, with rain coming in horizontally, was not an experience I relished.

I went and got myself a little side fringe on Saturday and I'm loving it. In this photo you can also see the myriad of colours that my hair has become. Is it black? Is it brown? Is it red? THERE'S NO NEED TO DECIDE! (bonus points if you get the quote)

So, I obviously haven't managed to schedule any posts for while I'm away. I'm currently knee deep in DIY, ripping up carpets in readiness for new carpets being fitted on Thursday and painting skirting boards and the spare room. Oh, and I haven't actually packed for Glastonbury yet. PASS THE SEQUINS!

See you on the flip side, loves xx

Top & Socks - Topshop
Necklace - Lady Luck Rules OK
Shorts - H&M
Wellies - Hunter