Thursday 28 August 2014

Tying the Knot


Way back in April (!) I posted about our holiday at the beginning of February. What better time to post about what happened at the end of February than right now, the very end of August! I am nothing if not the queen of being delayed these days. Truthfully, the last six months have passed in a blur and the last thing I've felt like in an evening is putting on my laptop and tip-tapping away at the keyboard. But this is not an apology post, because I wouldn't puport to assume that anyone has even noticed my hiatus, let alone mourned it.

Enough of that. I am here. For now at least. And I hope to be here more from now on. Although I do say that each and every time I return, so I really wouldn't place any great trust in it.

So, the great happening of the end of February 2014! We only went and booked our wedding. Yep. It's actually happening. In exactly seven months from now, to be precise. So far we have our venue, Registrar, photographer, florist, favours and numerous other things sorted. Bridesmaids and best man have been asked and, thankfully, they all said yes. Most of the save the dates have been sent out and received. We have a minimoon booked. And a honeymoon. A three week honeymoon in Florida and New Orleans, to be entirely accurate.

So, yes. We're actually getting married. I am soon to be Mrs C, rather than Miss F. Although I may be Mrs C-F actually, given that I'm the last of my family to bear our surname and I don't think I'm ready to give it up just yet. I rather like my name. I've grown quite attached to it over the last 32 years, truth be told. However, I'm a bit traditional sometimes, as much as I try to protest that I am most definitely not, and I would like to share a name, at least in part, with my husband.

Husband. Yikes.

This is a whole new kettle of fish, isn't it?

(The photo is really just because I cannot publish a post without one. But I do rather like it. Me and t'husband-to-be at Beacons Festival a couple of weeks ago.)