Saturday 19 March 2011

Outfit Post: J'aime

What's this? An outfit post? I KNOW.

The weather today is absolutely glorious and I thought I'd take the opportunity to debut my new Topshop skinnies and sunglasses. Finally, I don't have to worry about cold ankles. The sunglasses were a gift and I'm in love with them. I have a terrible track record with sunglasses so will have to try my very best not to sit on them, stand on them or lose them.

I bought this jumper last year and I'm surprised it's never made an appearance on here before, as I wear it so much. It's the softest grey jersey and is so comfortable I would wear it to work if I could.

Of course, it wouldn't be a blog post without a picture of me making a ridiculous face. Enjoy!

Jumper - Rodarte
Jeans, brooch and sunglasses - Topshop
Shoes - Office
Face - The land of cartoons

Monday 14 March 2011

Boys boys boys

I'm fussy.

There, I said it. Fussy beyond belief, particularly when it comes to boys.

A (non exhaustive) list of things that will put me off:

Too tall (I like my men short. Not shorter than me, but short)
Doesn't drive (I judge it, don't know why)
Too scruffy (but also too smart)
Bad kisser (too much tongue in particular. I do not want a wet face, thankyou)
Too keen
Bad shoes
Bad jeans (I'm talking £9 M&S specials)
Not hairy (gorilla legs only, thankyou, and a nice bit of facial scruff)
Too vain (must be able to fester in a festival field for 5 days)
Too quiet (I talk a lot. Must be able to keep up)
No sense of humour (I like to laugh. Must be able to cause said laughter)
Blonde (sorry, just no)
Too prone to extensive partying (been there, done that. I'm OLD now)
Smoker (I do not enjoy the taste of an ashtray)

See? Destined to be alone forever.

I'm too damn fussy for my own good but, as I get older, I seem to be getting fussier. Where will it end? Soon my 'type' will be so niche that only 3 men in the whole world will fit the bill. With (virtually) every date that I go on, I add something else to 'The List'. However, you will notice that I didn't mention too much about actual physical looks up there. Well, guess what, I'm fussy there too. QUELLE SURPRISE. Dark hair, slightly Jewish looking, nice eyes, good nose, nice neck (big Adam's apples freak me right out). Bring me all these things and I will be happy. See, NICHE!!

What are your dealbreakers?

Friday 11 March 2011

Helen Loves... Stolen Thunder

Now, we all know that I love jewellery. 

It is cold, hard fact. In fact, I own so much of it that it panics me and I just end up wearing the same three or four necklaces all the time. I also love gin. This too is well documented.

When I first happened upon Stolen Thunder, it was like someone had created jewellery especially for me. Gin themed jewellery. Heaven. See?

Stolen Thunder's new collection is also rather wonderful. Love hearts, scrabble tiles, owls and other gems such as this 'Pardon My French' brooch that I SIMPLY MUST OWN.

They also do gorgeous initial necklaces. I am dying to get my hands on the 'H' (things with my initial on are yet another of my obsessions).
Basically, you need some Stolen Thunder in your life. Plus, even better, when you enter 'HEART' at the checkout you can get 15% off (expires 2nd April 2011).

Disclaimer: I wasn't sent any free jewellery or owt in return for writing this post. All the Stolen Thunder jewellery that I own was bought with my own pennies

Monday 7 March 2011

The Weekend #2

This weekend I:

  • Drank too much red wine with my lovely friend K, who came to stay for the weekend
  • Ate melon and grapes whilst wearing my new One Piece. Best. Purchase. Ever. It makes me feel like a teddybear and that, my friends, is always a good thing
  • Watched a selection of highbrow films. Penis Song FTW
  • Went on the Wheel of Manchester and marvelled at the view
  • Made both angry AND ridiculous faces at the camera, with varying levels of slap on

Not pictured: The spectacular three part fall that I managed on Saturday night, whilst wearing 5 inch heels; the incredible Sandwich a Trois I had at Odd; The double sambuca I poured down my neck in the gay village; The tandoori mixed grill that I ordered last night that I couldn't eat due to hangover doom. I had it for my lunch today. A new low. Or high. Depending on how you look at it.

How were your weekends, cherubs?