Monday 14 March 2011

Boys boys boys

I'm fussy.

There, I said it. Fussy beyond belief, particularly when it comes to boys.

A (non exhaustive) list of things that will put me off:

Too tall (I like my men short. Not shorter than me, but short)
Doesn't drive (I judge it, don't know why)
Too scruffy (but also too smart)
Bad kisser (too much tongue in particular. I do not want a wet face, thankyou)
Too keen
Bad shoes
Bad jeans (I'm talking £9 M&S specials)
Not hairy (gorilla legs only, thankyou, and a nice bit of facial scruff)
Too vain (must be able to fester in a festival field for 5 days)
Too quiet (I talk a lot. Must be able to keep up)
No sense of humour (I like to laugh. Must be able to cause said laughter)
Blonde (sorry, just no)
Too prone to extensive partying (been there, done that. I'm OLD now)
Smoker (I do not enjoy the taste of an ashtray)

See? Destined to be alone forever.

I'm too damn fussy for my own good but, as I get older, I seem to be getting fussier. Where will it end? Soon my 'type' will be so niche that only 3 men in the whole world will fit the bill. With (virtually) every date that I go on, I add something else to 'The List'. However, you will notice that I didn't mention too much about actual physical looks up there. Well, guess what, I'm fussy there too. QUELLE SURPRISE. Dark hair, slightly Jewish looking, nice eyes, good nose, nice neck (big Adam's apples freak me right out). Bring me all these things and I will be happy. See, NICHE!!

What are your dealbreakers?