Friday 11 March 2011

Helen Loves... Stolen Thunder

Now, we all know that I love jewellery. 

It is cold, hard fact. In fact, I own so much of it that it panics me and I just end up wearing the same three or four necklaces all the time. I also love gin. This too is well documented.

When I first happened upon Stolen Thunder, it was like someone had created jewellery especially for me. Gin themed jewellery. Heaven. See?

Stolen Thunder's new collection is also rather wonderful. Love hearts, scrabble tiles, owls and other gems such as this 'Pardon My French' brooch that I SIMPLY MUST OWN.

They also do gorgeous initial necklaces. I am dying to get my hands on the 'H' (things with my initial on are yet another of my obsessions).
Basically, you need some Stolen Thunder in your life. Plus, even better, when you enter 'HEART' at the checkout you can get 15% off (expires 2nd April 2011).

Disclaimer: I wasn't sent any free jewellery or owt in return for writing this post. All the Stolen Thunder jewellery that I own was bought with my own pennies