Monday, 7 March 2011

The Weekend #2

This weekend I:

  • Drank too much red wine with my lovely friend K, who came to stay for the weekend
  • Ate melon and grapes whilst wearing my new One Piece. Best. Purchase. Ever. It makes me feel like a teddybear and that, my friends, is always a good thing
  • Watched a selection of highbrow films. Penis Song FTW
  • Went on the Wheel of Manchester and marvelled at the view
  • Made both angry AND ridiculous faces at the camera, with varying levels of slap on

Not pictured: The spectacular three part fall that I managed on Saturday night, whilst wearing 5 inch heels; the incredible Sandwich a Trois I had at Odd; The double sambuca I poured down my neck in the gay village; The tandoori mixed grill that I ordered last night that I couldn't eat due to hangover doom. I had it for my lunch today. A new low. Or high. Depending on how you look at it.

How were your weekends, cherubs?


Sophie said...

Ahhhh all of my fave girlie films! The sweetest thing cracks me up everytime!

Sarah said...

So jealous of your one piece! I was also drinking sambuca on Saturday night. And am jealous of you for ordering a takeaway that was suitable for hangover lunch. Normally I order something that makes me want to puke the next day...

Nicola said...

Wow, that One Piece is insane! I was tempted by a cheapy Primark one with rabbit ears and a tail, but my boyfriend put his foot down I'm afraid. Boo.

I had the most middle aged Sunday, I went for a walk, we stopped in at a second hand book shop, then we got chips and went to a little cafe where I got hot chocolate and the most amazing chocolate cake. Then I went home and had a nap.

P said...

"You're too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here!"

Now I've quoted the Penis Song, I'm off to sulk at the fact I wasn't invited. Laters.

Jenn ♥ said...

27 dresses kills me dead.
Never even been a bridesmaid - have that HEIGL!
Might not kill me as much as Sambuca would though.

Sad face.
Speaking of faces, I LOVE yours!

Jen said...

Looking gorgeous! I love your makeup in that last shot. My weekend was all about packing, moving, unpacking and moving again. Worth it though, now we're settled in our new place! :) x

Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

I'm an American. Can I pull off saying "whilst"? It is ever so charming when you write it!

Emily Alice said...

Just found your blog via your guest post on where are my knees!
My fiance proposed at the top of the Manchester Wheel so I'm very fond of it :) Beautiful views, especially in the snow! xx