Sunday 27 February 2011

Back to Life

Things I cannot get enough of this week:

  • Spending time at my parents' house, with my gorgeous dogs.
  • Walks by the canal 
  • Olives. SO GOOD
  • Blue skies. Spring is on its way!

2011 has been a funny old year so far. I just haven't felt like myself, at all. I've been stressed (which I very rarely am), have been worrying about things a lot and I felt like I'd lost a part of myself. Posts here have been few and far between and I think that's been indicative of my state of mind. I just felt like hiding. The last few days though, I'm starting to feel more like myself. I'm laughing more, I'm not going to bed at 9pm (which I always do if I'm feeling rubbish about things) and I finally feel like I'm getting my sparkle back.

Getting my hair cut has definitely helped as I feel like a weight's been lifted. Ridiculous I know but I feel like my head's a lot lighter of troubles now that the hair has gone! Next on my list is getting rid of the thing I hate most about myself. My belly.

I don't suffer from as many body confidence issues as I used to, when I was so much heavier, but I truly hate my belly. So it shall be banished. And soon. I've got a holiday to look forward to and I refuse to appear on the beach in a bikini with anything less than a flat stomach.

How's Sunday treating you, cherubs?