Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hairy Maclary

This morning I had a lot of hair. A LOT. So much, in fact, that I'd grown a bit tired of people asking if  I had extensions. So I decided to finally take the plunge (I'm terrified of hairdressers - they wield TOO MUCH POWER) and booked myself an appointment this morning at 9.45am, so I didn't have time to chicken out. Apologies for my face in these photos. Deathly pale and sans makeup is just how I'm rolling today.

The result?

Apparently I make a lot of stupid faces when I get my hair cut.

I do love it though.

Although I feel bald and my head feels so light I'm scared it's going to float off.


Anonymous said...

Your new haircut looks fantastic! It suits you so well. Though it's great that you have the type of hair that can be worn at longer lengths, I felt that there was just too much of it and it was starting to weigh you down. =/ This new one freshens your look!

Either way I'm a big fan of your blog and love your posts!

ScienceGeek said...

Wow, you are soooo brave going for the chop! My hair is as long as your before pics and there is no way I could cut mine so short.
It looks lovely on you, you really suit it and it looks very healthy! :)

Sarah said...

It looks lovely!

LilyLipstick said...

Wow - such a change and your hair is still long!
Looks great, well done for being brave and going for the chop. x

Vicky said...

It looks wonderful! Well done on going to the hair dresser :)

Nic's Notebook said...

Gosh it was long before! Looks nice & thick! It looks nice shorter though, glad you managed the hairdressers I hate them too :(

M said...

I can understand your apprehension with hairdressers - the good ones can be hard to come by! But you look fantasic - it's hard to cut of that much hair and when you do it feel so strange!

M - Even Artichokes Have Hearts ♥

Spangle said...

Your hair cut looks great, it really suits you!When I was 16-17 I went from having waist length hair to a short bob in one go. The hairdresser tried to convince me to cut my hair gradually, but I told her to go for it. My hair looked healthy and was much easier to manage.

amongthechimneypots said...

It looks lovely - really suits you!

Kb said...

You look lovely, a great change! Wish I had that much hair to start with!

TheBCH said...

did you donate your hair?

if you have 8 inches or more removed you can donate it for wigs for cancer recovery patients.

it's why i was growing mine, infact its about your length now and i hate it. but just got told i can't donate.

you have to leave it undyed for 12 months and unfortunately im grey so that wasnt gunna happen!!

donating coras instead, which means I'm getting a hair cut asap! and then pink again for my cancer research fund raising! can't wait.

looks lovely hun!

Rapunzel said...

Ohmigod don't you look different?! Fabulous though, but different!!

I'm jealous - having short hair means I never get to do the dramatic change thing!

Rapunzel x
*Tales from the Tower*

ananyah said...

love love loveeeee!

Pookie said...

I think it looks a lot healthier and fresher like this :) And very sleek too - looks lovely!

Meg! said...

Oh wow you had a TON of hair! Mail what you cut off to me, I need more! But seriously, you look awesome with a shorter cut, it's quite modern. And you are so pretty, as always.

angela said...

just had to comment, it looks lovely :). I recently got my hair cut v short even though I wanted shoulder length, they went for chin length - why do hairdressers do that?!

Sophie said...

Oh it looks so lovely!

P said...

When I first met you I asked you if you had extensions - i feel bad.

Your hair looks awesome though. It was awesome before, don't get me wrong - and only you could have that much lopped off your hair and STILL Have more than most people.

Helen said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!

BCH - No I didn't as it's dyed :/

P - Ha! I think you were the first person to ever ask me x