Sunday, 20 February 2011

Outfit Post: Sunday Blues

Lots of blues for a very grey day. I love these tights, although when I wore them last Saturday they attracted a lot of side glances and a comment of 'WOAH THEY'RE BRIGHT' from the man in the ticket office at the train station. They're not even that bright. Also, please let me introduce my back yard. Very Coronation Street. That building I'm standing in front of is my very own air raid shelter. Tru fax.

Not a lot to say today. It's been a funny old weekend. My darling Papa is having some tests tomorrow so, if it's your thing, say a little prayer. Ta loves xx

Top - Topshop
Skirt - ASOS
Tights - Unknown
Necklace - Tatty Devine
Scarf & Cardigan - H&M
Face - A sleepless night


Rapunzel said...

I always get that when I wear coloured tights as well. Isn't it funny, especially as people never shout about your jumper or brolly or something being bright!

Sending positive thoughts and big love for you and your Papa.

Rapunzel x
*Tales from the Tower*

Michelle said...

oooh! i love those! however i wouldnt wear with myself, especially with my tree trunk legs LOL

ananyah said...

oooh! i love those! however i wouldnt wear with myself, especially with my tree trunk legs LOL

monkey typist said...

lovely bright tights!

and i love that top too, you look great as always

Jenn ♥ said...

I actually love this outfit a bit too much!
Big squidges for youuuu, and super lots of good luck to Papa F! ♥


Kate said...

Must be a thing for parents & tests tomorrow, my Mum is having some too. My fingers are crossed for your Dad.

Filipa said...

YAAY, the outfit from the previous post! :) Beautiful, as usual! I will say a prayer!

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

Lighting a candle for your da

Magatha-May said...

Hope your dad gets on ok with his tests.

Love the print on your jumper hon.

Sarah said...

Good luck to your dad :) love the tights and top! x

Jen said...

Saying a little prayer for your Papa. Hope things turn out okay.

I wore fuchsia-pink tights today. People have a thing about bright tights. A colleague told me they were making his (of course it was a man) eyes hurt. x

Helen said...

oh my gosh, I need that senorita necklace!