Tuesday 15 February 2011

The Weekend

This weekend I:

  • Wore a lot of colour and revelled in the confused looks I received from old ladies and the man at Oxford Road train station
  • Went on a protest march about the threatened closure of Levenshulme swimming baths. If you do get a second then please, please sign the online petition. My local community needs all the help it can get to save this vital leisure facility!
  • Had a lovely afternoon in Liverpool. Tate, Brew Tea Bar (green tea vanilla latte, oh my!), noodles and beer and lots of fun. Ace. Look at the colour of that sky too! Gorgeous. We were only out of Manchester for about 6 hours but it felt like a proper little holiday
  • Bought myself a dozen beautiful yellow roses. It's all about being your own Valentine, girls. Life is too short not to buy yourself flowers
  • Made two dozen red velvet Valentine's cupcakes for my work colleagues. Those lucky lucky people

What did you get upto, my loves?