Tuesday 24 January 2012

One Month


I swear I never meant to leave it a month between updates. Time kind of.... ran away from me. I guess that's what happens when you're happy. Oh, and the fact that I somehow managed to gain 20 pounds in six weeks (HOLLA!) kind of resulted in me hibernating, like a big fat hibernating bear. I blame the 20 pounds on Christmas, sheer gluttony, an affinity for all things cheese related and that soldier of mine. However, I have managed to drop 14 of those pesky pounds in the last two weeks so I'm feeling a little better. I'm not quite ready to slip on the leather shorts and parade through the streets of Manchester, but I'm getting there.

I'm going to ease myself back into this whole blogging thing slowly and what better place to start than with that blogger cliche... an Instagram post!

So, how've you been?

1. My life is one long wait. It turns out that having a boyfriend in the Army is quite hard. Who knew
2. A buffet at my house consists of all the major food groups
3. Best. Converse. Ever. 
4. Putting the Christmas decorations away. Arduous and upsetting
5. £1.60 beers at Tokyou in Liverpool
6. Attempting to keep warm
7. The last supper. Amazing burger and chips at my friend B's 30th dinner in Nottingham
8. Turning over a new leaf and cooking all my meals from scratch once more
9. Quality time with the hounds
10. Subway salad. Excuse me while I polish my dieting halo