Friday, 10 June 2011

Five Things...

My new amazing Sugar & Vice necklace

1) I've got a new job. In Manchester city centre. Oh yes. I start on 4th July and I'm so excited I can barely contain it. Bye bye Warrington, hello spending endless amounts of money in the massive Arndale Topshop. I've been with my current firm for two and a half years and, while it's going to be incredibly hard to say goodbye to my friends here, I'm so ready for a new challenge.

2) In less than two weeks I will be in The Best Place On Earth (tm), aka Glastonbury Festival. Cider, pies, jerk chicken, sun (hopefully) and lots and lots of craziness. As there isn't one next year it has been decreed that this year's festival must be the ultimate lost weekend. I'm so excited I could pop. And probably will do, following excessive cider intake. Bliss.

3) I'm feeling happier and more positive than I have for weeks. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and realise exactly what you've got. I've spent so much of this year feeling bad about myself and questioning why I don't seem to be enough. You know what, I am enough. I'm more special than you'll ever know. I may be flawed but I am GLORIOUS. Swagger. Reinstated.

4) I'm completely in love with my house. In my yard I've got a hanging basket, some tomato, courgette and cucumber plants, a fuchsia in a pot and lots of herbs. Gardening is the new going out. Fact. I promise that there will be lots of house related posts in the near future, as it's finally getting into a state that is fit for photographs. FINALLY.

5) I started a Facebook page for Clear Your Heart. You can like it, if you like. I might eventually get around to putting some stuff up there one day.


Jessica said...

congrats on the new job, i live close to warrington! in lowton, what a small world xx

last year's girl said...

Well done you! Manchester - you will be a happy, and probably penniless, lady x

Lyndsey Elena said...

ooo didnt know you lived in Warrington, i'm in Cronton, near Widnes. Congrats on your new job :) well in girly.

Lynz x

Sarah Rooftops said...

Ooh, congratulations on the new job! And have a blast at Glastonbury (lucky thing)!

Alex said...

The necklace is fab but I'm more in love with the beautiful stripy tee. Where's that from?

Helen said...

Jessica - Indeed it is! I'm from Lymm originally, but live in South Manchester now x

LYG - Thanks doll! x

Lyndsey - I live in South Manchester, just work in Warrington. Thankyou! x

Sarah - Thanks! And I certainly will :) x

Alex - Topshop! x

Lauren Jones said...

Hey! I just read your guest post on Where Are My Knees and wanted to say how well you've done! I'm very jealous of you going to Glasto as well, unfortunately my budget didn't stretch to that this year! Have a fantastic time, I'm looking forward to reading about it! :)


StephanieDJL said...

Congratulations on the new job bb! I wish you the best of luck with starting!

Glad to hear you're feeling happier, you are amazing! & I'm so jelly you're off to Glasto.

Blonde said...

Gardening IS the new going out: fact. I have a rose of which I am exceptionally proud.

Congrats on the new job. x

Filipa said...

Awh, I'm so jealous about Glasto! It's going to be fantastic!! And congratulations on getting your new job, hope it is amazing!