Saturday 18 April 2009

NY lessons...

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Things I learnt in New York: Part 1...

  • I adore cupcakes. Particularly ones with ridiculously thick cream cheese frosting.
  • Walking 60 blocks may be nice at the time but will lead to temporary foot disability at a later date once coupled with walking EVERYWHERE for a week.
  • The New York subway is not that frightening but you will go wrong on it. Accept it and embrace it.
  • I am an excellent navigator and restaurant finder. Me FTW.
  • 440 square feet is not a lot for an apartment.
  • I am a friend of the burger. I already knew this. But I think I've developed an even stronger affinity with said meaty product.
  • I am old. I cannot handle a day of sightseeing followed by a night of clubbing. FAIL.
  • The British Pound is screwed.
  • I love Budweiser.

Much much more to come when I can type coherent sentences. Sigh...