Sunday 22 August 2010

Home sweet home?

I didn't quite make it to Liverpool today. Yesterday ended up being quite tiring so all I could be bothered to do today was go to the gym (second time in three days, YES!), cook some piperonata and catch up on some sitting down. I love me a bit of sitting down.

I'm not sure whether to post this here or not as things are still very much unconfirmed and uncertain but... the house I saw yesterday. Oh the house. It's perfect. Well actually it's far from perfect. But it's perfect in its imperfections, if you know what I mean. The house I saw a while ago actually was perfect. It didn't need anything doing to it. But it didn't fill me with excitement like I thought it would. It didn't make me think "if I don't get this house I WILL DIE" (which is what I need if I'm going to take on such a massive financial commitment). The house I saw yesterday does all these things.

All being well I'm going to put an offer in tomorrow.


I'm trying not to get too excited but, me being me, I'm actually squealing inside and mentally picturing how I'll decorate it. What plates I'll buy. Where I'll hang the photo collage my friends made for me when I was 18. Where I'll put the numerous pictures I've bought off Etsy and Keep Calm over the last couple of years, that have been just waiting for me to get off my bum and actually move somewhere.

Now, please excuse me while I work myself into a frenzy over colour coordinated books, floral duvet sets, storage systems and the terrifying thought of having a mortgage.

All interiors photos found at Design Sponge