Thursday 26 August 2010

Return of the... bag?

Remember bag-gate?

Well, guess what finally found its way home? MY SHOPPING!! Eleven days after I left my Primark shopping bag on the train bound for Glasgow, it popped through my letterbox! I honestly thought it was gone for good. I rang Glasgow Central train station first thing last Monday morning. The lady took my details but I could tell from the tone of her voice that she didn't think I had much hope of getting my stuff back.

The days went by and there was no word. I gave up on my lost goodies and resolved to shelling out the money all over again. All £65 worth. Then on Saturday I got a call. Six days after I left it on the train it had turned up in lost property. And so began the most convoluted process ever, involving cheques (who uses cheques any more, seriously!), stamped addressed envelopes and trips to the post office (and we all know how much I love the post office).

But right now I'm ridiculously happy. And my faith in humanity is completely restored. Reunited with Gossip Girl, my Topshop make up, my Batman jumper and other assorted Primark joy. So good.

I love it when nice things happen :D

I have, however, been left with a brand new copy of GG Series Two. I rebought it as couldn't bear to parted from it. Haha. If anyone would like to buy it off me, (£15) let me know!