Friday, 6 August 2010

The Week In Pictures #2

1) Rain, rain and more rain
2) The fireplace in my friend and her boyf's little love nest. Cute
3) The village I live in. Cuter
4) A Sunday afternoon drink. Gin and tonic and beer for everyone else, Teapigs green tea with mint for me. Virtuous is my middle name. So is resentful
5) Jurassic Park on the big screen at Spinningfields
6) SUN! It's always worth documenting, seeing as there's been so little recently
7) My new All Saints boots. Love. They deserve a post all of their own. Soon!


Amy said...

These pictures are all so sweet. Love your new boots!


Helen said...

Thankyou! They're also the comfiest things ever. Although they have no grip and I fell over in them the first day I wore them. The shame!

Anonymous said...

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