Sunday 15 August 2010

London, baby: Redux

I've been in London for the last two days. I went down on the train after work on Friday and I walked through the hallowed doors of home about an hour ago. I'm shattered but it's been awesome. Also, I am an idiot, but more on that later.

Good things:

1) The sparkly brogues that found their way into my heart, wallet and soul this morning in Primark. Sequns, metallic, brogue. Three words that never fail to delight me.

2) Felines. More specifically the feline above. Half meerkat, half tasmanian devil. Pure awesome.

3) Hetty. A pink hoover. Nuff said.
4) Floral bedding. My friend Sammy may well be the girliest girl in existence. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

5) Sammy. Sequins. Friday night out. Me wearing a dress so short that I feared for the eyes of Beckenham.

6) A glorious sunset, as seen from the train home tonight. Also a good thing was travelling first class for the first time in my life. There was a special offer on first class tickets (I could never afford to pay full price) and it was immense. Double gin and tonics, a cupcake and a lovely sandwich on the way down. All for free!

Bad things:

1) Sammy falling over on Friday night, resulting in some serious bruising/swelling/scabbing. Poor love.
2) Feeling like death all day on Saturday. Although we did watch 16 episodes of Gossip Girl ( Good thing number 7: Chuck Bass).
3) Leaving my Primark shopping on the train tonight. FOOL. I'm so angry with myself. Not least because my Gossip Girl DVD was in the same bag. I can't even discuss how fuming I am. My shopping is winging its way to Glasgow as I type. (EDIT: I live near Manchester. The train was terminating in Glasgow. Sob)

Ugh. I need to go to bed and sleep off my self loathing.