Wednesday 11 August 2010

If you are not very careful your possessions will possess you...

Current loves:

001: OPI. I know it's dirt cheap in the US and we get charged a fortune for it over here, but it's the only nail varnish that stays even remotely chip free for more than ten minutes. I am scrappy. My nails reflect this. That lovely green one is my newest addition. It's 'Who the Shrek Are you?'

002: The September issues and all things lace, nude and pastel. I am ready for Autumn. Thick over knee socks, big stompy boots, beanie hats, lots of lace. Done.

003: My sale purchases from Topshop. Cannot wait to layer these.

004: Shoes of love. I lusted after them for months. I mentioned them in this post and finally (finally!) they made their way into the ASOS sale. With an extra 10% discount code I eventually got them for less than half price. They're really comfortable too, despite appearances.

005: Sequins. I am a magpie. I cannot get enough shiny items of clothing into my life. Primark, Rodarte for Target and Topshop. Yum.