Sunday, 11 July 2010

Objects of Desire: Black Milk & ASOS

My poor broken purse... too much use!

I'm one week in to my spending embargo.

It's actually not been as hard as I thought it was going to be. You see, over the past few months I've developed a serious online shopping habit. Online shopping somehow feels less real than actually going into a shop and handing over cash or card. You can almost convince yourself that the packages that arrive are presents. Alas, they're not. So a curb on my spending was seriously needed.

In the last seven days I've spent £10 on clothes. Yes, I know I've broken the embargo slightly, but it was on a Topshop dress that was reduced from £32. And I'd wanted it for a while. Believe me, £10 is a drop in the ocean compared to what I was spending each week before.

Of course, now that I'm on a serious budget, everywhere I look I see sales and beautiful things that I need want.

Oh ASOS I really do love you. Those little eyelet shoes are calling my name, and they're in the sale too! That ring and cuff fulfil my need for overstated jewellery... and what a massive need it is. The less said about those heels the better, I've been coveting them for months. Sob.

Alice leggings, $60 AUS; Cape, $70 AUS; Leg Bones leggings, $60 AUS

I am seriously in love with the Black Milk cape. In fact, I wouldn't exactly say no to any of the gorgeous things in James' shop. His blog is also one of my favourites so if you're a fan of unusual leggings, etc, be sure to check it out...



Those eyelet flats are amazing. I want I want. And I agree, James' stuff is awesome!

soupemes said...

Step away from ASOS!

I spent a small fortune on it on Friday! Even with the sale!

soupemes said...
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Helen said...

Walk The Sand - I know! And at £17 I'm so close to breaking my shopping ban! Just had a peek at your blog, love it! x

Soupy - ASOS is my downfall. I fear and love it in equal measures!

Helen said...

oh i feel your pain! keep up with your shopping ban though, you'll feel so proud if you can stick to it.

em said...

Those Galaxy leggings you have had me swooning for so long.
Now i think i might HAVE to purchase the peacock ones.

please could you stop showing me beautiful things. I am too poor at the moment for it :)

{but on a serious note - were the galaxy leggings worth the cost - do you wear them much?}

Helen said...

Helen - I'm 10 days in now! 10! And I've only bought one thing. Pretty proud of myself! x

Em - They were expensive but totally worth it I think. They are the most comfortable leggings in the world! Have worn them a few times but don't want to wear them out so save them for special occasions! x

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ooooh ASOS yes please!