Sunday 11 July 2010

Objects of Desire: Black Milk & ASOS

My poor broken purse... too much use!

I'm one week in to my spending embargo.

It's actually not been as hard as I thought it was going to be. You see, over the past few months I've developed a serious online shopping habit. Online shopping somehow feels less real than actually going into a shop and handing over cash or card. You can almost convince yourself that the packages that arrive are presents. Alas, they're not. So a curb on my spending was seriously needed.

In the last seven days I've spent £10 on clothes. Yes, I know I've broken the embargo slightly, but it was on a Topshop dress that was reduced from £32. And I'd wanted it for a while. Believe me, £10 is a drop in the ocean compared to what I was spending each week before.

Of course, now that I'm on a serious budget, everywhere I look I see sales and beautiful things that I need want.

Oh ASOS I really do love you. Those little eyelet shoes are calling my name, and they're in the sale too! That ring and cuff fulfil my need for overstated jewellery... and what a massive need it is. The less said about those heels the better, I've been coveting them for months. Sob.

Alice leggings, $60 AUS; Cape, $70 AUS; Leg Bones leggings, $60 AUS

I am seriously in love with the Black Milk cape. In fact, I wouldn't exactly say no to any of the gorgeous things in James' shop. His blog is also one of my favourites so if you're a fan of unusual leggings, etc, be sure to check it out...