Saturday, 24 July 2010

Helen Loves... Tatty Devine

My name is Helen and I have an addiction.

A Tatty Devine addiction. I've had to ban myself from visiting the website because, somehow, things magically find their way into my basket. And then I accidentally click checkout. No good can come from that. If I had the money then I'd like to own pretty much everything they make but, unfortunately, I don't. There is one necklace missing from these pictures as my 'Senorita' necklace (see here) is currently on loan to my friend B. I don't like to play favourites with my jewellery but I think I do love that one the most.

The 'Sexy Legs' necklace is probably my least worn Tatty piece. It's a bit of an awkward length and the legs don't lie flat. Conversely, the Gilbert & George 'Gin' necklace is the one I've worn the most. I do love a G&T after all.

The 'Fishbone' necklace was my first ever piece of Tatty. I got it on sale and I still love it. Although I don't wear it that often because, with my long hair, it just gets hidden.

I've got two of the name necklaces that Tatty Devine make. A baby blue 'Helen' and a turquoise glitter 'Helsbells'. They may be one of the more expensive name necklaces on the market but they really are wonderful.

My latest addition! I wanted these swallows for ages but the price was just a little bit too high. Thankfully they were in the sale recently and, although still expensive, I decided to splurge. I adore them.

I'm currently coveting this Rob Ryan necklace (as it makes my heart ache just a little), the 'Chips' necklace (because I'm British and I do love good chips) and the gold 'Dinosaur' necklace (just because).

Do you own any Tatty Devine? Which are your favourites from the website?


Meg! said...

These necklaces are so cool! I would love a name necklace but I still have that silly leftover fear from grade school, where they say not to have clothes with your name on it in case a stranger tries to kidnap you and pretend they know you! Haha... ridiculous.

girlinthecity said...

hey, new follower here *waves hellooo* - love your blog, and those photos are gorgeous - puts me absolutely to shame.

have now gone on to the tatty website, so shall be forwarding you the bill! ;)

just wanted to say that I really like what you did with the swallow badges - nice tattoo stylee! :)

a x

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LaurenD said...

i love the bee one!! so cute

missyummyface said...

I want the 'cockney' one!!!

edk.dolce said...

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le_vert said...

Hiya randomnly found you through a friend's blog, love your Tatty Devine collection- truly gorgeous! I'm following now ! xx

Helen said...

Meg - Hahaha, that's incredible! I never thought of it like that. Will now be on the lookout for potential kidnappers! x

Girlinthecity - Hello! And thankyou! Pleeease don't forward me the bill, I am very very poor :p x

Lauren - Thankyou! It was one of the first ones that I bought and I do love it so! x

Yummy - That's coz you is a right little cockney. Me old china x

Elle - Hello! Am following you now x

Le_vert - Hello! Lovely to meet you! Will pop over to your blog now... x

MOLLYKT said...

They are gorgeous though :)

t said...

Cool stuff!

P said...

I don't currently own anything from there, but i've been on the website before and I DO love the jewelery. I want my very own name necklace!

Amy said...

I don't own any - yet - but I very much want some. I think they have a shop or something in this area - there's certainly a shop called Tatty Deine that is filled with beautiful things that I want but can't afford!

Anna Lou of London does similarly lovely things - check them out! :-)

Annie Spandex said...

The legs! The gin! Cute stuff :)

*rachelwears said...

ooo i own no tatty devine but now off to check it out!! hehe x


Ooh I LOVE their website too... I have a navy name necklace and I love it so much.

Lusting after the Rob Ryan necklace... and now want your swallows!


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Kristin said...

found your blog thru gala darling and i just love it. love those cosmic leggings.

Helen said...

Molly - Thankyou! x

t - Thanks! x

P - You must get one! Get a poptart one! :)

Amy - I love Anna Lou stuff. They had a sneaky half price sale last week and I snagged a few bits.

Annie - Thankyou lovely! x

Rachel - Oh, you must invest immediately! x

Walkthesand - I've already entered! The Rob Ryan necklace makes is so so lovely.

Kristin - Thankyou so much! x

last year's girl said...

I have some of their guitar picks, of course - a Christmas present from my best friend. I love their packaging!