Tuesday, 6 July 2010

10 things...

♥ 1 is because all I can think about is the iced lemonade I had at Glastonbury. There is nothing quite as thirst quenching.

♥ 2 is because I'm quite ignorant when it comes to flowers. Particularly wild ones. So I'd like to be able to name a few more.

♥ 3 is because it's time for a change. The raven has stayed for two years. It's time to move on.

♥ 4 is just because I really like fish. And I never seem to eat it. I fancy a lovely trout salad or a haddock risotto with a poached egg on top.

♥ 5 is because I haven't seen the sea for ages. I love the sea. It's so soothing.

♥ 6 is because I'm an indecisive, fickle woman girl at the moment. I need to decide what I'm doing and where I'm going.

♥ 7 is because... well, who doesn't love meringues, whipped cream and berries? A fool, that's who.

♥ 8 is because I haven't been getting enough exercise. My excuse is that it's too hot to go to the gym. It's not too hot to go walking though, so I must.

♥ 9 is because half my clothes are now too big for me. I don't intend on ever putting the weight back on so they've got to go. Charity shops and ebay here I come.

♥ 10 is because life is wonderful.

What do you want to do this summer?


pearlslaceandruffles said...

"Make fresh lemonade" I want to do this too! xo


Elle Sees said...

I want a job! Interviews abound but nothing yet!

P said...

I want to laze about drinking wine and reading books.

Pretty much what I do all year around, except I want sunshine too!

fritha louise said...

I think I need to write a list like this because I'm wasting my summer at the moment! I love Eton mess! You've got me in the mood to make some now, yumyumyum!

smidge said...

I want to be able to sit out on my patio with a glass of wine and a book. It hasn't been nice since I sorted it out tho!

Viv said...

i want to do half the things on this list! and redo my room :)


Helen said...

Pearls - Do it! Let's all do it! It's the perfect summer drink x

Elle - Just keep going. You will get something. I've been there more than once and I know how frustrating it is.

P - I miss wine :(

Fritha - That's why I made it. Because I'm such a procrastinator that otherwise it'd be September before I knew it.

Smidge - I saw the photo. It looks lovely!

Viv - Throwing out half my clothes is the first step to a room redo! It desperately needs it!

missyummyface said...

I love this list, it is all kinds of awesome.

Sara Louise said...

this is so perfectly cute


Helen said...

Yummy - Muchos gracias! Haven't actually done any of it yet. But I will! x

Sara - Thankyou! Just had a peek at your blog, lovely! x