Friday, 23 July 2010

Roll up, roll up!

Things and stuff:

1 I've made a monumental mistake with regards to my monthly outgoings (I swear I am an adult, honest!) and now need to find £400 pretty quickly. It is with a heavy heart that I've decided that I need to sell my Christian Louboutins. The style is Miss Marple, they're a size 6 and they're completely unworn (they were always just slightly too big for me). £300 or your best offer. They originally retailed at $710 which I think is about £460. Any takers? Be quick, I'm very likely to change my mind.

2 This week at work has been MANIC. I feel like I've not stopped all week and am so ready for the weekend to be here. Working with numbers has really made my head hurt this week and I'm longing for a beach holiday. Cocktails, sun and sea are what I want. Alas, with the state of my bank balance I can't see it happening any time soon. Are you off on holiday soon? Where? Let me live vicariously through you.

3 The parents return from holiday tomorrow. This means that tonight will be spent frantically tidying and putting away the 25 pairs of shoes that I appear to have worn in the two weeks that they've been away. Also, hoovering, watering the plants (oops!), watching Gossip Girl and trying to avoid the siren call of the Ben & Jerry's that's stashed in the freezer.

4 Ask me questions! Any questions! Well, within reason. Obv.


Elle said...

The shoes are lovely. *sigh* I'm a size 5 though (and also skint!).

As for holidays, I've just got back from Crete and go to Budapest next week (hence, the skintness!).

Hope your 'rents bring you back something fabbity from their hols and that you have a fab, relaxing weekend. :) x

Chamuca said...

Haha, at first I thought you had tiny feet. I'm gonna assume they're a UK size 6, which thanks to Google, I learned is about a US 8 1/2. Which means we have about the same size feet. =)

I'm going on a trip with my mom to some old person resort in Nevada. At least I don't have to feel self-conscious in my swim suit, because I'll be like 20 years younger than most of the people.

Ella Masters said...

Im doing a give away i would love it if you got involved

Helen said...

Elle - I was a size 6 when I bought them. Now I'm about a 4.5 thanks to weight loss! Ridiculous! I love Crete, you lucky thing! x

Chamuca - My feet have shrunk to a teeny UK 4.5 now. Weight loss has done strange things to me! Old person resort. HA! x

Ella - Ooh lovely, I'll pop over and have a look x

linfan said...
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linfan said...
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