Monday 19 July 2010

A reet good boozy do

Good morning my lovelies!

I can't quite believe that it's Monday morning AGAIN. I swear there are at least three times as many Monday mornings as any other morning. Horr-endous.

My weekend was... boozy. My beautiful friend Sammy came to stay and we took it upon ourselves to drink Warrington dry on Friday night. A low point was me ordering 8 shots of ludicrously coloured alcohol. A high point was rediscovering the joys of 'strawpedos'. Both resulted in extreme drunkenness and a hangover so potent that I feared for both my liver and my mind.

As a result of said hangover, Saturday consisted of 12 episodes of Gossip Girl (SO GOOD), curry and talking complete gibberish. Via bacon, eggs, Big Brother and a trip to the Trafford Centre to lust over the Louboutins, Miu Miu pumps, Mulberry handbags and expensive make up (Hi MAC, I would like one of everything please).

Selfridges is not a sensible place to go if you're in the midst of a shopping ban. Not sensible at all. But I left sans shopping bags, so I guess it's Helen 1, Trafford Centre 0.

Now, do save me from boredom and/or work on this Monday morning and tell me about your weekends! Any gossip?