Thursday 1 July 2010

Outfit Post: It ended with a kiss...


I cannot get enough of my garden at the moment. I think it's the thing I'll miss the most when i finally move out (apart from the canine and human contingents). Getting home from work and being able to sit in the evening sun, smell the flowers and hear the bees buzzing is blissful.

I finally feel like I'm clean from Glastonbury. Numerous showers and baths have washed away the many layers of grime and dust and I'm left with a rather spectacular tan. For me, anyway. I normally just go from white to red and back again.

Cardigan - New Look
Shorts - Cut off Primark jeans
Flip flops - Muji
Nail varnishes - Barry M 304 and OPI Glamour Game
Chunky legs - Too many cakes