Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The big four zero

1) Gin and pink grapefruit tonic - bliss! 2) High School Musical plates and chicken kebabs 3) Obligatory flower garland 
4) My feet. Horrific 5) Ubiquitous flags 6) The crew, heading for the cider bus 
7) More flags... "I'll meet you by the flags" No, you won't 8) Cube Henge 9) Aaah, beautiful sunset

So, Glastonbury then.

This year's was without a doubt the best festival I've ever been to. It was exhausting, sweltering and there were a fair few ridiculous moments (waking up in a chair at 10.30am on the opposite side of the festival after a sunrise gathering at the stone circle was a new low. Or high, depending on which way you look at it) but it was just incredible.

I'm not going to post any more about it after this as I know that festivals aren't everyone's thing but I just wanted to share a couple of my highlights...

A song from my favourite set of the whole festival. The wonderful Pet Shop Boys covering 'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay. As one of my friends said they "shat on Chris Martin, rubbed his nose in it and then sang his song better". The whole set was just incredibly special...

One of my favourite moments of the entire festival... Florence joining Dizzee for 'You Got the Dirty Love'...

As an aside, if someone could please get this song out of my head then it would be muchly appreciated. Ever since hearing it about 3am in Shangri-La I've not been able to stop humming it...

Ta-ta for another year Glastonbury, see you in 356 days xx


P said...

I may be wrong but I thought you were against You Got the Love by Florence too, I didn't think adding another tune and DR made it better,

Then again, maybe i'm jealous that FATM is about 6 years younger than me yet looks 10 years older,

And yes, I AM Jealous!

Glad you had fun though, hon!x

Helen said...

I'm against her version. But I like the version with her and him. I'm fickle!