Sunday 6 June 2010

Festival time!

Glastonbury is 16 days away. 

Consider me extremely excited. Bands, booze, incredible food and 5 days in a field with friends, old and new. I'm a proper festival girl at heart and, if I could afford it, I'd go to one every weekend during summer. Alas festivals are an expensive business these days (my first Glastonbury cost less than £100, this year it's closer to £200). Plus they've become a lot more glamorous than they used to be, necessitating strenuous outfit planning in the weeks leading up to them.

I think I took only my oldest, most battered clothes the first time I ventured to Worthy Farm. These days I'm of the opinion that more is most definitely more when it comes to festivals. Particularly Glastonbury, where you can be rubbing shoulders with people in full ballgowns, burlesque outfits and everything else in between.

Sweatshirts with animals on, floral playsuits, sparkling jewels, bright red lipstick (which I've only started embracing in the last week or so... yet another thing I didn't think I could get away with), leopard print and sequins will be squeezed into my rucksack, alongside essentials such as packets of tissues (so much easier to carry around than toilet roll), sun cream (ever since sunburn-gate of 2003), wet wipes and bin bags. Oh, and of course the obligatory kagoul and wellington boots.

Which festivals are you going to this year, if any? Any fellow Glastonbury goers?