Friday, 11 June 2010

I'm gonna send him to outer space...


This morning...

...a toffee Muller Light yoghurt burst in my bag. Licking yoghurt off my iPhone was not how I expected to start the day. All my possessions now smell of soured toffee yoghurt and I had to carry my things in a carrier bag all day. Thankfull it was a Tesco one, not Netto.

...I stopped at the garage to get petrol (and tissues to try and clean my bag), filled up the car and went to pay. After I got back to my car I realised that two buttons on my blouse were undone. Nice treat for the man in the garage there. That probably wasn't how he expected to start the day.

...I fell up the stairs on the way into the office. It was at this point that I started to wish I'd stayed in bed.

However, my day improved immeasurably when I got home and waiting for me was a shiny black envelope from Black Milk. The leggings! The leggings had arrived! The beautiful galaxy leggings that I impulse purchased weeks ago. Possibly the most expensive leggings I'll ever own but also the most incredible. I can't stop looking at them.

Another thing that made my day a little bit better was realising which pieces of jewellery I'd inadvertently paired together...

I hope your mornings were immensely more pleasurable than mine!


Kb said...

Amazing leggings, I love Black Milk!

Kb from I Want You To Know


Spangle said...

I have days like that, where one bad thing leads to another. You feel like going back to bed and starting the day all over again!

I love the jewellery!

em said...

My god, those are some fantastic leggings.
They would be my pride and joy if I owned them. xo

P said...

Oh the leggings are so pretty!!!

Just like their new owner. :)

missyummyface said...

I want those leggings. Sadly my little sausages would look like the universe in i'll just stare at yours.

heartshapedbruise. said...

I've just come across your blog (from 'I Know What You Wore This Summer') & I love it!

Those leggings are seriously amazing. I can see why you can't stop looking at them!

I've been distracted part way through writing this comment, so now can't remember what I was going to say - but am definitely going to follow you :)

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Those leggings are just AMAZING! Wow. I really love them. I love your blog, you always have lovely pictures. its very..dreamy. Love it. xo

Helen said...

Kb - I've still not stopped looking at them! I want more Black Milk! Love your blog by the way x

Spangle - Thankyou! Yes, bad things do seem to attract more bad things. Boo. x

Em - I don't want to wear them as am afraid I'll damage them like I do with all my leggings! x

P - Aww! xx

Yummy - You do not have sausages. Shush x

Heartshapedbruise - Thankyou so much! xx

Pearls - Thankyou lovely! xx

Natasha said...

I really want these leggings so bad :(
They look so lovely! x