Monday 28 June 2010

Viva los Glasto

Glastonbury was...

Hot. Oh so very very hot.
Incredible. So incredible I can't even remember all the amazing moments.
Dirty. The dust has rendered my feet unfathomably filthy.
Magical. As always.

Because I'm exhausted and have barely slept for the past five - days due to an intense combination of the hottest tent in the world (seriously, gasping for air at 7.30am is not enjoyable), vuvuzelas, a night time trip to the stone circle and too much fun - for now you get facts and a couple of photographs. Nothing more. 

Things I lost:
A filling
My foundation
My Chanel eyeliner (sob)
My mirror
Dignity and a fair few brain cells

Things I ate:
Jerk chicken, rice and pea and dumplings
Pura Vida nachos (the best on site)
A garlic guzzler burger at 4am. Mistake
A pancake with ham and cheese (served to me by a Gunter Von Hagens lookalike who called me beautiful and didn't charge me. I am a whore for free food)

Oh Monsieur Eavis, with this festival you really spoilt us.