Monday, 28 June 2010

Viva los Glasto

Glastonbury was...

Hot. Oh so very very hot.
Incredible. So incredible I can't even remember all the amazing moments.
Dirty. The dust has rendered my feet unfathomably filthy.
Magical. As always.

Because I'm exhausted and have barely slept for the past five - days due to an intense combination of the hottest tent in the world (seriously, gasping for air at 7.30am is not enjoyable), vuvuzelas, a night time trip to the stone circle and too much fun - for now you get facts and a couple of photographs. Nothing more. 

Things I lost:
A filling
My foundation
My Chanel eyeliner (sob)
My mirror
Dignity and a fair few brain cells

Things I ate:
Jerk chicken, rice and pea and dumplings
Pura Vida nachos (the best on site)
A garlic guzzler burger at 4am. Mistake
A pancake with ham and cheese (served to me by a Gunter Von Hagens lookalike who called me beautiful and didn't charge me. I am a whore for free food)

Oh Monsieur Eavis, with this festival you really spoilt us.


Sarah said...

You lost a FILLING?? Eeep!!

It was so incredible. I haven't been able to gather my thoughts properly yet but ahhh, it might have been the best ever.

The jerk chicken from the other stage was my favourite thing I ate. EPIC. And Pieminister! I never got a square pie though. Last year we got them massively reduced at 1am on the Sunday.

My tent was either FREEZING (at 4am) or BOILING. Could. Not. Win. But wouldn't have changed a thing (except the sunstroke that made me miss most of the acts on Friday). Yay Glasto!!

P said...

So how in the world did you manage to lose a filling?

And how do you always have such great pictures???

Helen said...

Sarah - Yep! Filling gone! Following jerk chicken. It was worth it though. Haha. I think I need a decent night's sleep to properly come to terms with the immenseness of everything! My tent was so horrific that I couldn't stay in it past 7am. Had to drag my sleeping bag out and lie in the shade of my friend's tent. And sorry to hear about your sunstroke! :(

P - Over zealous eating of jerk chicken. Apparently. And my photos are all edited using Picnik! They're not that great really x

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I need your tiger ears.

Where from?

Helen said...

Jo - My hood is from Merrimaking Hoods. They're lovely ladies who make about 20 different types! Google and ye shall find x