Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Auld Reekie

1) Take off; 2) Airport bus; 3) View from the balcony; 4) Pink fizz; 
5) PJB and Smidge; 6) Sunset; 7) & 8) 5am; 
9) Taxi wedding car; 10) Freezing sea; 11) Illegal Jacks; 12) Gin and tonic; 
13) Tapas; 14) Candlelight; 15) Teapot cocktails; 16) Sky.

Edinburgh was fabulous.

Lots of laughter (most of it hysterical), lots of gin and slimline tonic (plenty of lime), amazing sunsets, an incredible apartment with a beautiful view of the sea, lots of lovely food, lots of dancing in (too) high heels, the comfiest bed in the whole wide world but.... only one kilt. And I didn't even look up it. Failure!

Many thanks to the other girls for making it so much fun. Bigger versions of the photos above, plus a few more, can be found on my Flickr.


Elle said...

Amazing pics! x

P said...

Your pics are FABULOUS H!!!!

I was going to put some comment about being in your blog and eating your noms, but then I realised that just didn't make any sense. So I'll shut up now!

pinkjellybaby said...

loving your pictures! x

Helen said...

Elle - Thanks lovely! x

P - Why thankyou my love! Noms don't need to make sense. That's the beauty of them. On your blog. Nomming your comments x

PJB - Only because you're in one of them. Nommer x

smidge said...

Fab pictures hon, what a great weekend :)

TheBCH said...

very jealous, i have very itchy feet to go somewhere alas sitters and lack of bodys and cash say no lol

I really want that birdy ring :)

Shopgirl said...

Love the way you have put those photos together! Just found your blog from Reetalk guest blog! Lovely :)

Helen said...

Smidge - It really was. I miss you girls x

BCH - It's from Topshop! I love it.

Shopgirl - Hello! And thankyou x