Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday night...

...looks like this:

What does your Friday night look like?

Scrambled eggs on toast: My own fair hands
Cheesecake: The English Cheesecake Company
Nail varnish: Barry M - 290, 294 & 304
Dog: 100% cute


TheBCH said...

my firday night looks sat in trousers but also a dress over the top which im trying to fix and fit me.
went to the charity shop, saw it, thought that'll be good for the church thing i have on tomorrow, went to get cash, came back and it was gone.
some women was in the fitting room with it and when it finally found its way back to the rack it was ripped and the zip was busted! urgh!
bought it, fixed it, fitting it.
it's digging in me though i hate no baggy attire. such a fat girl lol
after this its on to primping, bath n bed. 'citing.

P said...

First of all, I own all three of those Barry M nail polish colours - awesome!!!

My Friday night consisted of going out for a couple of drinks and a pub dinner with my sister, getting ID'd in M & S buying a bottle of sparkling rose, and now sitting around drinking it, and doing some online crap.

Enjoy!!! :) x