Saturday, 31 July 2010


I don't often use this blog to talk about my weight loss.

I have another blog where the boring weekly weigh-in posts appear. And occasionally a bit of back story as to how I got... well, fat. Yes, fat. F.A.T.

However, I just wanted to say that I'm feeling really rather proud of myself tonight. The trousers I'm wearing in the picture above are my old work trousers. In January this year they barely fitted me. Often, once I'd eaten lunch, I'd have to unbutton them. How shameful.

I decided to keep them as a measure of how far I'd come. I can only imagine what they'll look like when I hit my target. I could probably rent them out as a marquee. Available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Reasonable rates.

PS: Apologies for my leopard print bra. And my bingo wing. Next step: hit the gym and tone tone tone!


heartshapedbruise. said...

January this year?! Wow. That is impressive - you deserve to feel proud - well done :)

I hadn't noticed your leopard print bra, until you pointed it out :p

TheBCH said...

one: I have a pair of trousers put away for such an occasion to see how fat I used to be and am always so tempted to do this but NO they shall remain in my suitcase under my bed for now and two: my bingo wings suck more!

Chamuca said...

um, your boobs look fantastic so i didn't even notice the bra.

Meg! said...

Holy crap, you rock! That's a lot of hard work to lose so much in 7 months; I'm impressed. High-five!


Congratulations on your weight loss! Amazing.
And happy days for NYC holidays... I'm still fretting over what to pack weather wise!

Hope you had a great weekend!

MOLLYKT said...


Rapunzel said...

Well done lovely lady!!

And loving new look blog and profile pic! x

Helen said...

Heartshapedbruise - yes, January this year! Thankyou! x

BCH - Try them on! You'll be amazed!

Chamuca - Are you hitting on me? Crazy Yank :p

Meg - Thankyou! High five right back atcha.

Walk the sand - Thankyou! Don't fret. If you forget something, NYC has everything you could ever want. And so much more. Haha.

Molly - Thankyou! x

Rapunzel - Thankyou lovely! x

nuttycow said...

After seeing a photo of myself this weekend I'm now back in the "I've got to lose weight" mojo. And, of course, it's all for a boy. But that's another story.

Well done on your brilliant loss. Let's keep it up!