Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Outfit Post: Is this summer?

Rain, rain, go away...

So, I'm guessing that summer is over then, yes? All it's done for the past ten days or so is rain. Hence why I'm wearing boots, a hat and a jumper in these pictures. In July. Ridiculous.

This jumper was one of my pre-spending embargo sale purchaes. £5 from H&M and it's perfect. Lightweight, slouchy and grey. It provided me with a little bit of warmth on those cold Glastonbury nights and now I wear it whenever the sun isn't shining. Which is often.

I only bought this eagle necklace three weeks ago but already I'm not sure where I got it. Hence why I'm now on a shopping ban. I think it was from Dorothy Perkins, in the sale. The Marc pendant is glorious and needs no introduction.

Leggings: Black Milk
Hat: Topshop
Shorts: Primark cut-offs
Ring: Dorothy Perkins (I think)
Boots: Doc Martens


Miss America said...

Love love love the leggings!


P said...

Your leggings look awesome!

jenn from muchtomydelight said...

I love the way you put things together. Fun, creative and flattering! You can take some of our NYC heat--we've had three successive heat waves and I'd love to be wearing tights and long sleeves right now!

Meg! said...

Um... holy crap. Those leggings. I want me some! They're so rad! And I love your necklaces. :D

Emma Jade said...

I've been lusting over those leggings for so long now! The outfit is amazing!

MOLLYKT said...


Helen said...

Miss America - They are amazing. They're even better in person. I can't stop stroking my thighs when I wear them. Ha!

P - Danke my love!

Jenn - Aww thankyou! I'm still getting used to my thinner body and working out what I can and can't wear! I would take NYC heat over the ten days of rain we've had!

Meg - Don't look at the website. Unless you want to spend ALL your money on leggings.

Emma - Thankyou! I lust after all the leggings on the Black Milk site!

Molly - Problem is, I just want to wear them ALL THE TIME. If I could get away with wearing them at work, I would!

Danielle said...

I love all of your jewelry!! Great blog, I'm a follower now.

HailesHeartsFashion said...

I loovee the outfit and your figure!hope that didnt sound pervy. Your blog is really good as well, strange choice of green and yet somehow its been pulled off :) and its great to see another person LOVING ASOS!!! keep up all the great posts :D Xx

Jackie said...

Your hair looks amazing, it's really long! I had to cut mine recently because it was damaged and am still a little sad about it.
And that sweater looks great, I think I might go shopping soon, there is a deficit of slouchy sweaters in my closet.

Helen said...

Danielle - Thankyou! Am following you too x

Hailes - Not pervy at all, thankyou! I love this green! x

Jackie - My hair is ridiculously long. It's also in poor condition at the ends. Need to get it trimmed but am scared! x

emilywilson said...

love the jumper and leggings, such a cute outfit. xxx
p.s i love your hair! x

Helen said...

Thankyou Emily! My hair is an absolute bushtucker trial at times but I do love it! x