Sunday, 18 July 2010

Outfit Post: Working Girl

Aaah, Sunday afternoon...

I have mixed feelings about Sundays. On the one hand, it's still the weekend! On the other hand, there's the prospect of work in the morning. When I was bigger I used to wear the same kind of outfit to work every day. Baggy black trousers, a loose fitting top of some sort and flat black pumps. It was non descript, it was dull but, most importantly for me at the time, it hid a multitude of sins. Or at least, I thought it did. In reality wearing that probably made me look even bigger than I was.

These days I do make an effort with what I wear to work. It's still generally a variation on a theme (pencil skirt, nice top, coloured cardigan) but I never wear the same outfit twice in a week. I work in an office environment, in the legal profession, so I can't be too avant-garde with my clothes, but I do try and wear quirky jewellery and brightly coloured heels, to look a bit different.

The four outfits pictured here are what I wore to work last week (we have dress down day every Friday so I'm only in office mode for four days a week) and they're fairly typical of what I wear each day.

1) Necklaces from LLROK and Dorothy Perkins; 2) My favourite M&S shoes; 3) I feel like Emma Pillsbury in this outfit;
4) Miss Selfridge shoes - half price in the sale! 5) Hobble hem skirt from ASOS; 6) Next shoes... you can never be sad in yellow shoes;
7) H&M top and cardigan; 8) M&S shoes; 9) LLROK necklace and H&M bow

What do you wear to work? Are you lucky to work somewhere where 'office' clothes aren't necessary? Or are your employers even stricter than mine about dress code?


TheBCH said...

just applied for a job in an office, have pink hair at mo so don't think that will go down well as it working in the courts haha so that will have to go if I'm lucky enough to get an interview, as for stuff to wear i have NOTHING but have been thinking about it. A LOT.

Cazlon said...

Wow, you have such a natural sense of style, those pencil skirts look amazing on you!

My office is very casual, jeans are the norm, so I would stand out a mile if I wore similar clothes - but it would be for all the right reasons I can see now! There are so many little touches with each outfit - fantastic!

P said...

I LOVE the Emma Pilsbury outfit. Love love LOVE!

My office is fairly casual (well, my department is anyway) - as long as no one important is visiting, we can wear jeans if we like all the tine. Some of the other depts can only wear jeans on Friday but to be honest, I prefer to dress up a bit. Even on Friday I tend to just wear my denim mini skirt or leggings, I'm not a big fan of jeans right now. But yeah, I guess I'm pretty lucky in that respect.

littleblackspider said...

You're so fabulous.

I'm so jealous.

I work with teenagers, and our dress code is basically 'Look like a grown up', so that means no jeans and no trainers, unless I'm teaching the little blighters how to garden or something. I cycle everywhere, so pencil skirts are out, although I do quite often wear twirly skirts which flip up and flash my knickers when I'm cycling around town.

Someone I work with (and who I thought I had quite a good relationship with) recently contacted my boss to ask if I was a suitable person to work with children and young people because I have a nose ring . Boss told her to piss off (LOVE my boss), but I'm still SEETHING.

emilywilson said...

i love the pink shoes with the black little pom pom ont he front. soo cute. Your outfits are great and you can pull off a pencil skirt with that great figure. I've got a placement at in september and i am slightly freaking out what to wear! i am buying investments for the winter lol xxx

Helen said...

BCH - I had candyfloss pink hair when I was a student. My boss made me dye it brown :( Hope you get an interview! x

Cazlon - Thankyou so much! x

P - Ah thanks doll! Feeling like Emma Pillsbury = the best thing ever! x

Littleblackspider - Me? Fabulous? Pah! I would be seething too. A nose piercing does not an incompetent make! x

Emily - Hello! And thankyou! I need to buy investment pieces but sometimes Primark just gets the better of me! x

littleblackspider said...

Yes. Fabulous. You.

They should put 'Clear criminal record but HAS A NOSE RING' on my CRB certificate.