Sunday 18 July 2010

Outfit Post: Working Girl

Aaah, Sunday afternoon...

I have mixed feelings about Sundays. On the one hand, it's still the weekend! On the other hand, there's the prospect of work in the morning. When I was bigger I used to wear the same kind of outfit to work every day. Baggy black trousers, a loose fitting top of some sort and flat black pumps. It was non descript, it was dull but, most importantly for me at the time, it hid a multitude of sins. Or at least, I thought it did. In reality wearing that probably made me look even bigger than I was.

These days I do make an effort with what I wear to work. It's still generally a variation on a theme (pencil skirt, nice top, coloured cardigan) but I never wear the same outfit twice in a week. I work in an office environment, in the legal profession, so I can't be too avant-garde with my clothes, but I do try and wear quirky jewellery and brightly coloured heels, to look a bit different.

The four outfits pictured here are what I wore to work last week (we have dress down day every Friday so I'm only in office mode for four days a week) and they're fairly typical of what I wear each day.

1) Necklaces from LLROK and Dorothy Perkins; 2) My favourite M&S shoes; 3) I feel like Emma Pillsbury in this outfit;
4) Miss Selfridge shoes - half price in the sale! 5) Hobble hem skirt from ASOS; 6) Next shoes... you can never be sad in yellow shoes;
7) H&M top and cardigan; 8) M&S shoes; 9) LLROK necklace and H&M bow

What do you wear to work? Are you lucky to work somewhere where 'office' clothes aren't necessary? Or are your employers even stricter than mine about dress code?