Sunday, 4 July 2010


Dress - Miss Selfridge; Bracelets - Top Shop; Necklaces - Tatty Devine and Dorothy Perkins;
Flower corsage - H&M; Headband - Primark

I'm on a spending embargo.

I was due to start on 1st July but I failed spectacularly. I blame the sales. And my inability to avoid the sales in my lunch hour. So I'm starting tomorrow. No more unnecessary spending for the rest of July. No more online shopping in my lunch hour, no more trawling the shops and buying things that I can live without.

One of the positive and negative side effects of weight loss is that I can wear lots of clothes now that I would never have dreamed of wearing before. Positive because I can finally wear things that I feel good in, negative because my bank balance has taken a severe dent. So I'm stopping it. Now. I've got so many clothes that I've barely worn so I think it's time to get a little more creative and work with what I've already got.

Sandals - Marks & Spencer; Ring - Dorothy Perkins; Necklaces - As before

This dress was one of my last purchases (£20, Miss Selfridge) and I've basically lived in it this weekend. The top picture is how I wore it to my friends' barbecue last night, the picture below is how I wore it to a garden party this afternoon. The accessories were the same both times, except for the addition of the Tatty Devine necklace and a massive flower corsage in my hair last night. And a slick of red lipstick.

Dress & Necklace - As before; Sunglasses - Top Shop; Hair - No straighteners

I never ever thought I'd embrace the maxi dress. It was one of those items of clothing that I thought I just couldn't wear. I love this one though and although I'm still not a huge fan of my arms I don't mind getting them out so much anymore. I'm also embracing my natural curls and not straightening my hair to within an inch of its life any more.

How have your weekends been, my lovelies?


P said...

Good luck with the spending embargo! I know how difficult it must be. I also would like to steal your Senorita necklace, because it's awesome!

I had a good weekend, took Smidge to an 80s bar last night, got accused of having smelly feet by some random (which made me sad), and apparently had a McDonalds on the way home, although don't remember that part...

missyummyface said...

You look fucking fabulous xxx

Chamuca said...

YAY for embracing your natural curls! Not straightening your hair in the morning = extra half hour of sleep. That's my motto.

Helen said...

P - I think I'm going to need luck. And lots of willpower. My Senorita necklace is awesome isn't it. I think it was about £20 from Tatty Devine. Smidge, in an 80s bar? Oh my! x

Yummy - Shush, you x

Chamuca - Exactly. I am all about the sleep. x

smidge said...

Smidge had muchas fun in an 80s bar oh yes...hehe

I love that dress, i wish I could wear a maxi dress but i'd look like a child dressing up :(

JP said...

Adorable dress! Good luck on the spending embargo--I have been attempting to do the same thing. I haven't been super successful, but I'm still trying:)

Helen said...

Smidge - I never thought I could wear one. Give it a go! Get the right one and you'll look gorge! x

JP - Thankyou! I think I'm going to need it. I'm just a spendaholic :( x