Friday, 13 August 2010

The Week In Pictures #3

1) Those ASOS shoes that I haven't stopped going on about for months. It's true love.
2) A night out at the dogs for my friend E's birthday. It was INCREDIBLE. I may have lost my mind slightly because I was so excited. Also, I picked my dogs entirely based on the names. Nagrag Joe was my hero.
3) Remnants of Liverpool Pride late on Sunday afternoon
4) My desk. My work. My own private hell.
5) Caramel Light Frappucino. The best thing ever. Fact.
6) The view from my office window. Nothing more horrific than having to look at blue sky through the window.

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Starr Crow said...

i really love these random photos, and your lovely comment on my fashion blues post. it's funny, after reading all the comments on that post, i've decided to swing my blog in a different direction that's very similar to what you're doing here. I want things to be less about fashion and more about random photos and stories from my day. it's crazy how exhausting fashion can be sometimes, and i think i just need to let go of it for a while!