Friday 20 August 2010

Hello, weekend!

001: Say hello to the new loves of my life. Turquoise moccasins. Be still my beating heart.

002: I've finally made my triumphant return to the gym! It's been two months since my last visit but tonight after work I finally bit the bullet and dragged myself there. And you know what? I loved every minute. Sick. I've missed the aching muscles and the adrenaline. So glad to be back.

003: This weekend is going to be the weekend I finally catch up on some sleep. I get, at best, five hours of sleep a night normally. I'm shattered and work shows no signs of getting any less stressful. Muchos sleep is required to get me through it.

004: I'm skint. And really really really need to save some money for New York. Ergo, I hereby dub this weekend 'the weekend of doing free things.' I'm viewing a house tomorrow morning (terrifying, I'm actually an adult) and then am taking a trip to the Imperial War Museum North afterwards. I love museums. I love free museums even more. Plus it's number 32 on my list. Then on Sunday I'm going to go and spend a bit of time in Liverpool. The Tate will get a visit from me. American Pizza Slice and MAC will not. I swear. Maybe.

005: The blackberry bush is finally fruiting. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for these babies. So good.

Tell me your weekend plans! Entertain me on this rainy Friday night! xx