Thursday 19 August 2010

So good they named it twice

27 days.

Yes, in 27 days I will be in the Big Apple. For a while there it didn't look like it would happen, but it is! And I'm so excited I could burst. I'm actually trying not to think about it too much for fear that I will burn out from excitement.

I cannot wait to go back to all these places...

...and to discover many more wonders and delights.

So, lovely readers, I need you! Have you been to New York? Please recommend me some places/restaurants/bars to go to! I've been a couple of times but it's always nice to find new places and explore new areas.

On my 'to do' list so far:

+ Find the perfect cupcake. I'm willing to sample many many cupcakes to achieve this. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it
+ Recreate poignant scenes from Gossip Girl and Sex and the City (I'm going with a gay man, it's what we do)
+ Shop! (I've been to New York twice but never really shopped. Disgusting)
+ Visit Top of the Rock. I've been up the Empire State Building twice, I fancy a different view

So, what else should I do while I'm there?

To see my photos from my last trip go here.