Friday 3 September 2010

Helen Loves... Food Blogs

I love food.

Not unusual, I know. But I REALLY love food. Which is probably how I ended up as big as I was at the start of this year. I love the look of food, the taste of food, the smell of food. I love eating it, baking it, cooking it and reading about it.

These days I follow a fairly strict Slimming World diet, so I can't eat all the things that I used to eat. I can't have butter, or sugar or a bit of that cake. At least, not yet. Because I have a target weight to get to and, quite frankly, that's more important to me now than a burger and chips or an entire Jamaica ginger cake. Only just though, believe me.

So I read a lot of food blogs. A lot.

These are just a few of my favourites...

Spicy Icecream - This was the first food blog that I ever stumbled across and it's also my favourite. Lisa lives in Sydney and posts the most mouthwatering photographs that I've ever seen, along with incredible reviews of restaurants that make me want to move to Australia right away.

Smitten Kitchen - A legendary blog that I'm sure most of you have already heard of. But I couldn't do a round-up of my foodie favourites without including Deb! Some of the most incredible recipes that I've ever seen, including those peanut butter crispy bars at the top of this post. I would sell my first born for those. If I had one. There is going to be a book at some point in the future and I will be first in line for that piece of culinary joy. Oh, and Deb is also the provider of this ridiculously useful cooking conversions page. A-mazing.

Food Stories - A fairly recent addition to my reader, this has quickly become a firm favourite, and not least because the writer has such a fabulous name. I first stumbled across Helen's site when she posted about The Big Peckham Lunch that she'd organised (that photograph of the coffee and walnut cake pretty much made me weak at the knees) and I've been a fan ever since. I'm also determined to go to the next Jerk Cook Out Festival thanks to Helen.

Honourable mentions also go to...

Afeitar - Not purely a food blog, Helen also posts about fashion, her job as a Librarian (which was my dream job when I was little) and numerous other lovely subjects. I think I love her recipe posts the most though as they always make me want to get the mixing bowl out! The girl makes a mean cupcake too.

Much to My Delight - The gorgeous Jenn pretty much lives my dream life. In NYC. With lots of gorgeous food. I would also really like to commision her to throw me a baby shower. I don't have to have a baby to have one of those, right?

Naoyummy, Live to Eat and Snackminded - I've developed a curious obsession with what other people are eating. I think it stems from not eating very exciting food myself any more. I'm living vicariously through the culinary lives of others!

Are there any other food blogs I should be reading? Which are your favourites?