Monday 13 September 2010


Oh hello, dream shelves - via Apartment Therapy

So, erm, I kind of, might have... bought a house.

I've had an offer accepted anyway. And it's been taken off the market. So, fingers crossed, as long as nothing goes wrong it's mine all mine. Which is highly surreal but utterly incredible.

So expect plenty of these kind of posts as I girlishly squeal about light fittings, shower heads and shelving units. Yes, really. See also lots of posts about things I never even knew I wanted. Like a paperclip holder (so useful!), a mirror in the shape of the Queen's head (so regal!) and odd storage jars (so odd!).

All found at Juno Design Shop, one of my new obsessions

Please cross your fingers and send lots of nice thoughts my way as I really, really want this one. Third time lucky and all that! Now, I need to get back to my packing. That suitcase won't fill itself full of sequins, stupidly high heels and garish jewellery.