Tuesday 14 September 2010

The Week In Pictures #6

Just time for a quick TWIP before I flee these shores for the bright lights of New York City...

1) There's a new Marks & Spencer cafe in my local store. Me and my friend like to sit amongst the old ladies with their toasted teacakes and soak up the ambience
2) Blatant crotch shot. Soz
3) Oh I will, don't you worry
4) So many vegetables. I've been doing a crazy Slimming World extreme diet for the last week. Vegetables galore. Still, I lost another 4 pounds at weigh in tonight. 63.5 in total!
5) Daisy. Most ridiculous dog ever
6) I really do you know. Best city ever
7) I've finally dyed my hair. Begone 2 inch roots!
8) Getting myself in the US mood and celebrating after weigh in tonight. Naughty

Au revoir, loves! See you on the other side! xxx