Wednesday 8 September 2010

What a difference a day makes

This week has been pretty rotten so far.

Remember the house? Yeah, didn't get it. I duly put my (very reasonable) offer in on the Monday morning. Over two weeks later I finally got word that the vendors have withdrawn it from the market. Word to the wise: never try and buy a house from a couple who've split up. The man got cold feet, then got stubborn and then decided to buy the lady out of the house. To say I was gutted yesterday would be an understatement. Full on sobbing, panda eyes, the works. Strange though, as I think I'd forgotten what it feels like to really cry. Not since me and C went our separate ways have I cried so much. A sign of how happy I've been this year I guess.

Work's been mega mega stressful and busy too, which is never great. Plus, I've only got four more days in the office before my New York adventure, so I'm frantically trying to tie up loose ends, get everything done and put plans in place to ensure that things don't turn chaotic in my absence.

Today though, I'm back on form. I bounce back a hell of a lot quicker these days and, thinking about it, there's not really much that can get me down for more than about an hour. The power of positivity envelops me. Rarr!

A pretty package from Upper 5th may have also helped to bring the cheer. I am easily pleased.

I got the Alexa cardigan and the Icicles dress for the bargainous price of £35 for both. I do love a good sale.

Things that are also bringing a smile to my face this week...
  • Fresh plums. My parents' garden continues to produce amazing fruit. Love it.
  • New York. Obviously. Eight days in my favourite city in the whole world (bar Manchester, obvs). Cannot wait. 
  • This photo of me wearing the jeans I wore in New York last year, which barely fitted me then. Woop. 4 stone, 3.5 pounds and counting. 
  • These green glitter Bordello shoes. Want. Need.
  • Lots of plans for lots of Warehouse Project visits. So excited.
  • Topshop Dessert lipstick, my new faux fur leopard print coat (so excited for winter), bright sunshine and crisp mornings, making playlists for New York, finding another house to view (the dream continues!) and... smiling. Smiling makes the world a better place. Fact.

What's making your faces happy this week? Any exciting plans for the weekend?