Sunday, 12 September 2010

Outfit Post: Jungle Jane

I'm still trying to master the art of not looking utterly miserable/confused/like a rabbit in the headlights, obviously. This is what I wore to work on Friday, much to the amusement of my boss who never fails to comment on what I'm wearing. God bless dress down Fridays! Leopard print is scientifically proven to make any day more enjoyable. Oh yes.

I'm currently writing a massive to-do list. It looks something like this:

Read guidebook obsessively
Re-pack again
Sort out travel insurance
Dye hair
Learn all the words to Turn My Swag On, rather than just the two lines I've been singing for the past 4 days
Bask in the knowledge that I've only got two more days in work


Playsuit - H&M
Cardigan - New Look
Belt - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Tights - ASOS
Boots - Miss KG


Abi said...

omg *runs to H&M*


I just got a playsuit for work (i work for French connection, I was just debating this morning about going to the loo in it as it has arms and zips up the back!

Helen said...

I only realised when I'd got to work that I was wearing tights, a playsuit AND A BELT. Worst toilet-going outfit ever. Basically getting naked in work toilets. Horrific.

Sebastian said...

Yay... leopard print!

Is that the secret fashion sensation of this season?

P said...

I am completely in love with that outfit, Helen. You look awesome. :)

Sarah said...

HELEN!! How foxy do you look, lady?? I'm loving the entire ensemble.

And have an amazing time in NY, jealous!!

thebroguetrader said...

love it!

Meg! said...

LOVE! Man, you look fierce. I wish I could rock a romper like that! I love leopard print!

ayden said...

You look lovely :) leopoard print + playuits = awesome! Aww I bet youre getting so excited about your hols. I'm mega jealous! xx

Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

Your hair is simply gorgeous!!

Helen said...

Sebastian - One of, yes!

P - Aww, thankyou lovely!

Sarah - Thankyou lady! I'm so excited :)

broguetrader - thankyouuu!

Meg! - Ha! Fierce! Love it. I do love a romper.

Ayden - Thankyou lovely! Yes, I am about an 11 on the excitement scale! x

Jenn - Thankyou! It's a pain but I do love it