Thursday, 23 September 2010

Concrete jungle, where dreams are made of...

1) The view to end all views; 2) A tornado on the Thursday night. The Weather Channel entranced me; 
3) This is my New York face. SHOCK AND AWE; 4) Partly due to the decadent food constantly consumed; 
5) Rockefeller love; 6) Hangover Sunday in Central Park; 7) Boozing; 8) There are no words

I'll be back with more when I a) am not jetlagged b) have convinced myself that it wasn't all a dream and c) am ready to accept being back in England.

I may be some time.


Ayden said...

Cant wait to see more pics :) bet you had a fab time! x

Meg! said...

I love these pictures! You're so goddamn gorgeous... jealous. I wanna be in NYC so bad!

Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

Great pictures! Especially love the last one. It's incredibly difficult to get such a clear shot of that view at night, so well done! Glad you had a great trip to my fine city!

TheBCH said...

i'm so jealous, who did you go with?

likeaskeletonkey said...

I've just got back from the big crunchy apple too! I really enjoyed your posts about your previous trip before I went, and it's fun to see your recent pics now I recognise everything. I was there for two weeks and it STILL didn't feel long enough at all.

I'm plotting for a more permanent move there at some point in my life! Love your pics x

Helen said...

Ayden - It was beyond incredible. Feels like a dream! x

Meg - Oh shush, I am so not! But thankyou xx

Jenn - Thankyou! I took about a million, it really isn't easy to get a good one!

BCH - My friend Chris

Likeaskeletonkey - I am DYING for a permanent move. Alas, the visa thing is so hard :(

-AtReyue- said...

jUZ lOve Da wAy u Snapping Those Pics... EsPecIALLy da LasT 1!! -Nyc?