Sunday 13 December 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

5 ways to make a winter's day infinitely more magical:

1) Throw an impromptu dance party in your kitchen. Crank up the volume, jump around like a maniac and feel the endorphins come running!

2) Bake a cake, some cookies or some brownies. Your house or flat will be filled with warmth and the smell of baking. What's better than that?!

3) Go for a long walk in the crisp winter air. Crunch through leaves, skip when noone else is looking (or even if they are) and treat youself to a mulled wine when you get home.

4) Put on your warmest socks, grab a good book or a stack of magazines and spend the afternoon lazing, with a cup of hot chocolate by your side. A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend and all that.

5) Plan something fun to do for every weekend in January. It doesn't have to be expensive (who's got money in January?!) but try and be creative! A local museum or art gallery that you've not been to before, a weekend getaway in a city you've always wanted to visit (there are some super cheap hotel deals in January) or simply building a fort in your living room and spending the weekend in there reading, listening to music and making exciting plans for the year ahead.