Wednesday 16 December 2009

The Best of 2009: Days 15 &16

Day 15: Best packaging?

I am a sucker for nice packaging. Nice packaging is likely to make my brain lose all sense of rationality and hand over far more money than I should just because 'it's so pretty!!' 

The best packaging I've seen this year belongs to that little parcel above, from Tuesday Afternoon Tea. I bought a darling little moleskine notebook decorated with a polaroid and the words 'dream big and believe.' It's perfect and it's where I write my big and important plans (tm). I'm now coveting the 'It's the little things' notebook. Amy makes beautiful, whimsical little treasures and I implore you all to buy lots of things from her.

Brooch by Emma Ferguson

Day 16: Best tea?

This is a great prompt for me. I am a tea freak. My tea obsession has grown to ridiculous proportions this year. In short, tea is my porn.

Teas I have in the cupboard at work (nicknamed the tea library by my colleagues):

Dalgety Lemon & Ginger
Dalgety Pure Ginger
Jackons's Sencha Green Tea & Mint
Mr Scruff's Mint & Chilli
Clipper Green Tea & Ginseng
Clipper Green Tea & Lemon
Tesco Apple & Blackcurrant
Dragonfly Rooibos Vanilla
Twining's Lady Grey
Clipper Nettle Tea
Clipper White Tea
M&S Peppermint tea

See? TEA FREAK. It's impossible for me to choose an all time favourite as it changes daily but right now it's Rooibos Vanilla. The vanilla makes it taste a bit festive and it's got a lovely strong flavour.