Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Best of 2009: Days 15 &16

Day 15: Best packaging?

I am a sucker for nice packaging. Nice packaging is likely to make my brain lose all sense of rationality and hand over far more money than I should just because 'it's so pretty!!' 

The best packaging I've seen this year belongs to that little parcel above, from Tuesday Afternoon Tea. I bought a darling little moleskine notebook decorated with a polaroid and the words 'dream big and believe.' It's perfect and it's where I write my big and important plans (tm). I'm now coveting the 'It's the little things' notebook. Amy makes beautiful, whimsical little treasures and I implore you all to buy lots of things from her.

Brooch by Emma Ferguson

Day 16: Best tea?

This is a great prompt for me. I am a tea freak. My tea obsession has grown to ridiculous proportions this year. In short, tea is my porn.

Teas I have in the cupboard at work (nicknamed the tea library by my colleagues):

Dalgety Lemon & Ginger
Dalgety Pure Ginger
Jackons's Sencha Green Tea & Mint
Mr Scruff's Mint & Chilli
Clipper Green Tea & Ginseng
Clipper Green Tea & Lemon
Tesco Apple & Blackcurrant
Dragonfly Rooibos Vanilla
Twining's Lady Grey
Clipper Nettle Tea
Clipper White Tea
M&S Peppermint tea

See? TEA FREAK. It's impossible for me to choose an all time favourite as it changes daily but right now it's Rooibos Vanilla. The vanilla makes it taste a bit festive and it's got a lovely strong flavour.



Julie Jordan Scott said...

Amy's package is adorable. Makes me want to go grab my moleskine and start creating.

And wow, your tea list astounds me. Brava for catching up.. with such panache!

yay you!

last year's girl said...

Big fan of lemon and ginger tea here. Next time you're up, I shall take you to Brewhahah in Glasgow for a pot and a cupcake.

Love the notebook! COVETCOVETCOVET.

Chamuca said...

If you sent tea in my package, I am going to dress up like an Indian and dump it all in the creek behind my house, hooting and hollering all the way.

Just kidding, I love hot drinks. ;)

(Another history lesson reference. E-mail me if you don't get it.)

Helen said...

Julie - My tea obsession is out of control!!

Lis - I hear you speak of this Brewhaha. I want!

Chamuca - I don't think I sent you any tea. How stupid of me. It's the most British thing ever! And I get the reference :p